Let my boyfriend pick a fun shirt

Let my boyfriend pick a fun shirt

Let my boyfriend pick a fun shirt

Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of modern sex culture.In a relationship, if you can let your boyfriend choose love underwear, you can not only increase interest and change, but also deepen your feelings.However, not every man has the ability and confidence to let them choose love underwear themselves.Therefore, there are some techniques and suggestions here to help you choose the right sexy underwear without embarrassment.

Understand the preferences of yourself and boyfriend

First of all, you need to understand your preferences and boyfriends.There are many different styles and expressions in sexy underwear, so it is important to understand the type and style of your favorite lingerie.Determine your preferences can help you choose love underwear better.

Consider occasion

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When you choose sexy underwear, it is also important to consider the occasion.For example, if you plan to go out late at night, you can choose a more exposed sexy underwear to increase the sexy atmosphere.If you just stay at home, you can choose some more comfortable and casual sexy underwear.

Understand the size and quality

Size and quality are also very important for choosing sexy underwear.Make sure you all know your size and buy comfortable and good sexy underwear.This can not only protect your health, but also increase your self -confidence.

Consider color and material

When choosing sexy underwear, color and materials are important factor.Different colors and materials can bring different stimuli and feelings to your sexual life.Consider your preferences and the appropriate color and materials on the occasion.

Try new styles and types

You may find that it is interesting to try new styles and types of sexy underwear.Start with the styles and types you do not often wear.This can not only develop your horizons, but also bring surprises and stimuli to your sexual life.

Choose a few sets of sexy underwear that can be matched

You can choose a few sets of sexy underwear to match different occasions and clothing.Different erotic underwear can bring new colors and styles to your wear, and add more life interest.

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Respect each other’s opinions

It is very important to respect each other’s opinions and suggestions in the process of choosing sex underwear.If they don’t like a sexy underwear, please don’t stick to buying.On the contrary, it is more important to choose more suitable sexy underwear according to each other’s preferences, which will bring a better sexual life experience and feelings.

Enjoy the process together

The process of choosing sexy underwear should be a pleasant and interesting process.Don’t think of it as a task or work.On the contrary, let it be a intimate experience of your two, and enjoy this process together.This can not only increase interest and enhance each other’s feelings, but also bring you more experience and fun.


Choosing erotic underwear is not a difficult thing. As long as you two of you sincerely understand each other and respect each other, and choose suitable underwear and interesting occasions together, you can have a pleasant and happy sex life and relationship.I believe this process also has the beauty of exploration and new discovery.