Model sex lingerie show 2019

Opening remark

The annual model sexy underwear show finally came to us again.This is a feast that allows us to witness sexy, and it is a competition for creativity and design.The biggest feeling of this underwear show is: breaking through the traditional cricket, constant innovation, and vividly showing characteristics and personality.Next, let’s explore together.

Velvet jacket

Velvet is a soft, elastic and fluffy fabric, so it has been widely used in many underwear design.On the sexy underwear show this year, the use of velvet is more colorful, not only becoming the main line design, but also combined with other elements to play a function of enriching underwear design.

creative design

The creativity of underwear design is one of the most attractive factor for the sexy lingerie show.For example, this year, some underwear adopts the "bastard" design style, which seems to be showing women’s unruly and independence; other underwear combines a sense of accomplishment and self -confidence, organically combining fashion and sexy elements to present a unique design style.

hand made

Hand -woven is another highlight of the sex lingerie show.Hand -woven underwear has a unique texture and three -dimensional sense, which is a manifestation of taste and quality.More importantly, hand -woven underwear can show the designer’s unique ingenuity and be more refined in detail.

Red will never be out of date

Red is always the representative color of sexy underwear.This year’s sexy underwear show is also indispensable for red embellishment.Different designs, different styles, but red streaming and rich sexy are common points.Red is never out of date, because she represents not only the color of sexy underwear, but also symbolizes the unique charm and sexy of women.

The use of lace and mesh yarn

The sexy underwear show is inseparable from the use of lace and mesh.Lace is an indispensable element in the design of the underwear, which has a literary atmosphere; the mesh yarn looks lighter, which increases the level of clothing, transparency, and coolness.In this underwear show, lace and net yarn not only played the role of rich clothing appearance, but also showed the feminine and gentle side.

Loose style return

Tight underwear or tight -fitting upfit is a way of wearing a more uncomfortable dress for many women.The loose style can liberate the body’s restraint.In this year’s sexy underwear show, the loose style has also become a common design trend.Designers constantly explore the loose and comfortable design combined with sexy and fashionable elements, which has spawned a more avant -garde dress.

In -depth promotion of environmental concept

Environmental protection is a hot topic in the current society.In response to the concept of environmental protection, more and more designers have begun to try to use recycling materials, such as packaging paper, abandoned satin and even plastic bags.Although these items seem to be useless, after processing, it has become a useful material for making sexy underwear.The in -depth promotion of environmental protection concepts will make the entire underwear design industry healthier and sustainable.

Future underwear development trend

Interest underwear is no longer a private personal item, but an art of trendy culture.In the future, the development direction of sexy underwear is diversity and tolerance.Designers will continue to explore to find more colorful elements and design methods, so that sexy underwear is more expressive in creativity and sexy, and can better reflect the unique charm of women.


As a trendy culture, sexy underwear has always maintained an optimistic state in innovation and fashion.She brings unique charm and confidence to women, can make women exuding charm and sexy, and more confident and free in life.I believe that in the future, the design of sexy underwear will lead the new trend, and the texture of women will be even more noticeable.