Peking opera love underwear picture video

Peking opera love underwear picture video

Paragraph 1: What is Beijing plot fun underwear?

Peking opera love underwear, as the name suggests, is a series of erotic lingerie styles designed by combining the elements of Chinese Peking Opera and modern interesting culture.It adopts the traditional Chinese embroidery, paper -cutting, court embroidery and other elements, and organically combines the image of the classic soap opera and sexy underwear, which not only shows women’s body lines without losing its dignity and elegance.

Section 2: Style of Peking Opera Love Lingerie

There are many styles of Beijing opera affectionate underwear, including upper, lower clothes, suits and accessories.Among them, the upper installation mainly includes styles such as suspenders, vests, bras, and duki cheongsam; the lower parts include underwear, pantyhose and other styles; the suits include a variety of different combination styles such as noble cheongsam suits, lady pajamas suits, and court belly pocket sets.

The third paragraph: the color of the Beijing opera love underwear

The colors of Jinglo love underwear are mainly classic colors such as red, black, and gold, which means happiness, auspiciousness and wealth.At the same time, these colors are also consistent with the traditional Chinese classic elements, which shows the unique style of Beijing’s plot fun underwear.

Fourth paragraph: Beijing opera love underwear material and fabric

Most of the sexy underwear of Peking Opera uses high -end materials and fabrics, such as silk, lace, tassel, diamonds, etc., which are both breathable and good touch and texture, making the wearer more comfortable and comfortable.In addition, the details and fabric choices of Jingwan love underwear are very sophisticated, showing the strict control and pursuit of quality.

Fifth paragraph: Basic combination of Peking Opera Love underwear

The basic matching of Peking Opera’s affectionate underwear is underwear+skirts. The underwear style is colorful, and it is more elegant and sexy with the color and material of the skirt.Under normal circumstances, the choice of color should not be too fancy, and the black and white gray with a certain European style is a good choice.

Paragraph 6: Special match for Peking Opera Love underwear

If you want to show more personality and fashion, you can try some special matching.For example, you can match some shorts or tights to highlight the curve beauty of the legs; or you can match the vest or Punk -style top to highlight the beautiful curve of the chest.

Seventh paragraph: the brand of Beijing opera love underwear

At present, there are many Beijing plot fun underwear brands at home and abroad, such as rich flowers, Kamier, HLT, very fashionable, crystal fox, etc.These brands have their own unique design styles and classic styles, which can meet the needs of different women.

Paragraph eighth: the influence of Peking Opera love underwear

As an emerging cultural product, Peking Opera Love underwear has been loved by more and more women.It not only shows the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture, but also incorporates modern fashion elements, allowing people to have a deeper understanding of the beauty and fashion culture of traditional culture.

Paragraph 9: Future of Peking Opera Love Underwear

With the development of the times and the changes in consumer demand, the design of Jingwan love underwear design will also develop in a more fashionable, personality, and diversified direction.It will be not only the inheritance of traditional culture, but also an innovator of fashion culture, bringing people more diversified choices and satisfaction.

Tenth Port: The point of view of Peking Opera love underwear

In general, Peking Opera Love Lingerie, as a new type of cultural derivative, has great potential and market.It integrates traditional culture and modern fashion elements, which can better show the charm of Chinese culture and the charm of fashion, and also provide a new choice for contemporary women.Although there are many places that need to be improved and perfect, we believe it will get better and better.