Sex underwear to buy logistics diagram

Sex underwear to buy logistics diagram

Logistics information you need to know before buying underwear to buy

As a niche market, I believe most people choose to shop online.Of course, you need to clearly understand the relevant information of logistics before buying to ensure that your items can arrive in time.The following is to pay attention:

Shipping methods

Generally speaking, sex supplies use ordinary express or customized security and confidential express delivery.But their arrival time may be different.Some e -commerce platforms with vertical logistics, such as Taobao, will choose suppliers and logistics partners to cooperate.Of course, there are also some platforms that provide their own freight logistics services.As far as the logistics method is concerned, it is still necessary to obey the regulations of the merchant, because the merchant model is different, and the logistics method is different.

Logistics timeliness

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Most of the sexual products merchants will mark the time and the time limit for the delivery time and logistics, so that customers can make corresponding arrangements when buying.If you need urgent use, please pay attention to the time limit for logistics and choose the corresponding logistics method.Generally speaking, the time of ordinary express delivery may be affected by weather, transportation and various situations, so you need to pay attention to and plan in advance.


When some customers choose to buy, if logistics and packaging are not safe, they may suffer embarrassment.For sex supplies, the wrapping must be confidential and safe inside and outside, and it is marked with blue or black fonts.

privacy protection

Under normal circumstances, there is no special requirement for express delivery and packaging, and it may make a simple content of orders to record the express delivery information.The enthusiastic courier will stam the draft paper for you to protect your privacy.And, even in some cases, if information is leaked, there should be relevant media to keep confidential.

Logistics follow -up

If you buy sex products from China, due to the unclear logistics and time of time, it is recommended to pay attention to the logistics information platform or website in time to understand the state of express logistics.If the information is not displayed, please contact the seller to inquire about the solution and avoid unnecessary further disputes.

Check -in

If you find that the appearance of the package is abnormal, or damaged, or traces of feudal when the courier arrives on the spot, please check if the courier is present, if there is a damaged record and take pictures.If it is found that the items do not match the order, please contact the seller to replace or return the goods.

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Return and exchange policy

You need to check the product types and packaging again after receiving the items. If you find damage or inconsistency, please contact the seller to solve it in time to avoid unnecessary economic losses.Under normal circumstances, sellers will launch a refund/Exchange cargo policy. If the courier package is damaged, please change the goods. If there is a problem, customers can choose to return and other methods.


In summary, it is very important to buy sexy underwear to plan carefully and money. It is very important to understand the relevant logistics information.In terms of focusing on logistics methods, logistics timeliness, packaging safety, privacy protection, logistics follow -up, receiving goods inspection, returns and exchange policies, etc., pay attention to the details of the above links, so as not to cause follow -up troubles and ensure the practical interests of customers.