Sexy underwear five -1 comic

Sexy underwear five -1 comic


The May Day holiday is coming. In addition to traveling and rest, you can also enjoy a private time at home.Among them, wearing a sexy and fun underwear, igniting the flames of lust is also a great choice.

Types of sex underwear

Sexy underwear can be divided into a variety of types such as suspenders, stockings, bras, underwear, body -shaping clothes.Among them, stockings are the most special type. It can increase sexuality through the design of texture, flowers, and open crotch.In terms of suspenders, different from ordinary vests, sexy underwear camisars will add tulle, lace, etc. to the shoulders, which reveals a sexy atmosphere.The body -shaping and personal pants can better show the curve and figure.

Suitable for different body types of sexy underwear

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For some full -bodied women, choosing some increased sexy underwear is a good choice.Among them, you can choose some models with lace and fit body to create a sexy and comfortable atmosphere.For women with thin body, you can choose some tight styles, such as suspenders, bra, etc., making your body more charming.

The color of sexy underwear

Black, red and white are the most commonly used colors of sexy underwear.Among them, black is the best option to increase mystery, suitable for use at night when the lights are dim at night.Red is a representative of sexy and enthusiastic, which can make people feel passion and enthusiastic.White shows purity and nobleness, it is also a very good choice.

Falling underwear material

The material used in sex underwear determines its comfort and aesthetics.Common materials include lace, silk, cotton, polyester fiber, etc.Among them, lace materials are very popular with women, which can make underwear more layered and show a charming curve.Silk makes underwear softer and comfortable, more suitable for some people’s skin.The cotton and polyester fiber make the underwear more breathable and make the body feel more comfortable.

With sexy underwear and coat

The combination of sexy underwear and coat is also very important.In terms of selection, you can choose a shirt or under -dress according to the material, color and style of the underwear.For example, choosing a transparent top with red sexy underwear can make people look more charming; and choose a short skirt or denim shorts, with a black vest and black lace panties, can make the curve more prominent.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

A good erotic underwear needs to be well maintained so that it can continue to be beautiful and comfortable.Among them, keeping underwear clean and drying is the most important. You can use washing bags during washing to prevent wear.In addition, select a specialized cleaner or use a neutral cleaner to avoid too strong detergents that may damage lace and other materials.When placing, avoid direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and deformation.

Fetish Wear

Free mood of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear brings a state of freedom and unrestrained mood.It allows women to not worry about the attention and evaluation of others, and pay more attention to their sensitivity and feelings.At the same time, wearing erotic underwear can make the emotion enthusiastically, increase the fun of interest, and bring a richer emotional experience.


Interest underwear is an important manifestation of women to show sexy charm. With the development and changes of society, their styles and types are constantly enriching and changing.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, while enjoying life, can also maximize your sexy performance.