Sexy underwear free to cover the belly size

Sexy underwear free to cover the belly size


The current sex underwear market is becoming more and more diversified, and every woman can find their favorite styles.However, most of the sexy underwear still has a common problem: free to cover the belly.Many women don’t like to show their stomachs, especially in public.This is a nightmare for women who are worried about fatty belly.As a result, many brands have begun to launch sexy underwear with free to cover belly to meet the needs of more women.

Removal -free belly function

The design concept of free -reinforcement and stomachache underwear is: closely combining the top with the lower clothes.In this way, wearing underwear can perfectly cover the belly, so as to avoid any embarrassing things.Especially when wearing low waist pants or high waist skirts, this underwear can make you feel at ease and confident.


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In terms of style, there are many options for free -reinforcement and interest underwear.It can be separated from the upper installation, or it can also be used as an integrated underwear.In addition, this type of erotic underwear is also suitable for different occasions, such as daily wear or special occasions, helping women feel more confident and do not have to worry about their physical problems.


As a woman’s clothing, the comfort of sexy underwear is crucial.Whether it is a creative sexy underwear or designed for specific occasions, it must be ensured.Good preparations and appropriate size are the key to ensuring the comfort of sexy underwear.As Jennifer Lopez sang in one of her songs: "The only reason I wear underwear is to make myself feel better."

Size problem solving

For large -size women, it is difficult to find suitable sexy underwear.This is why many brands have changed the design concept.Some new brands provide sexy underwear for large -size women, including the free -sharing model.These underwear can not only cover the stomach perfectly, but also make large size women feel sexy and confident.

Puppet skills

The method of dressing and wearing sex underwear is important.It makes your clothes more perfect, not to make your collarbone and shoulders reveal, which looks strange.No matter what type of sexy underwear you wear, you must remember one thing, that is, it is very clear about your body size, so as to ensure the effect of the underwear.

Selection of color

There are many choices from patterns, hollow, transparent to solid color.Transparent and hollow styles may be regarded as sexy, while solid colors are considered more mature and elegant.The choice of color depends on the atmosphere you want to express.No matter which color you choose, the most important thing is that you have to be confident about your own choices.

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Brand recommendation

There are many brands on the market that are free to cover belly -stricken underwear.Here are the recommendations of several brands:

1. Victoria’s Secret Perla


4.Agent Provocateur

in conclusion

Remove -free and stomachache underwear is one of the necessities in women’s daily clothing.Whether you are small or large, whether you wear low waist pants or lace long skirts, this underwear can make you feel confident and comfortable.When choosing underwear and matching, remember that it is the most important thing for you. Only you like it yourself will you feel free and happy.Enjoy your sexy and charm, because you deserve the highest quality underwear.