Sexy underwear model recruitment Shanghai

Sexy underwear model recruitment Shanghai

1. The background of sexy underwear model recruitment

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the market demand of sexy underwear, major sex lingerie brands have begun to pay attention to the establishment of brand image. Among them, love underwear models are an important part of brand image construction.As a economically developed city, major brands have also set up a large number of stores here, and gradually formed a certain market for sexy underwear practitioners.

2. Recruitment conditions

Generally, sexy underwear model recruitment has high requirements for figures, tall, white and beautiful women, and also requires professional literacy and related business capabilities suitable for sexy underwear models, such as makeup skills and communication skills.In addition, some high -end brands will require models to have the academic background of related majors.

3. Recruitment channel

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Interest underwear model recruitment is mainly carried out by store recruitment, recruitment website and recruitment platform.The human resources department will also entrust recruitment companies to recruit as needed.At the same time, the brand will also dig out excellent sexy underwear models by holding beauty pageants.

4. Interview process

The interview process of sexy underwear models generally includes personal information registration, image evaluation, image and literacy interview, model show display and physical examination.The image assessment and interview are the key links, including the inspection of the interviewer’s body, face, and temperament.

5. Treatment and career development

The salary of sexy underwear models is usually composed of basic salary, commission and welfare.The salary is different from the differences between professional experience and personal performance, and the general salary ranges from 6-15K.The career development direction of sexy underwear models can be gradually transformed into professional fields such as brand marketing managers or hosts while serving as models.

6. Note

In the process of recruitment and interviews, the matters that the brand needs to pay attention to include: legitimate compliance, establish a fair and fair recruitment mechanism; cherish the brand image, do not change at will, do not abuse model materials; avoid moral disputes, be unfavorable to use sexy underwear models for vulgar performancesWait for activities.

7. Model management

After recruiting appropriate sexy underwear models, the brand needs daily model management.Including regular training and communication, model management and image maintenance of models, management of venue and clothing equipment.In actual shooting, show and other activities, brands also need to carefully arrange the details of models’ clothing, styling and performance behavior.


8. Brand effect

By recruiting and managing excellent sexy underwear models, the brand image has gradually improved.As the spokesperson of the brand image, the model not only shows the brand’s sexy underwear products, but also reflects the brand’s culture and values.At the same time, excellent erotic underwear models can also bring more fans and attention to the brand, and promote the business development of the brand.

9. Industry trend

With the continuous development of society, the sex underwear industry has gradually shown a trend of diversification and personalization.The image of sexy underwear models is becoming more and more diverse, and all kinds of skin tone and figure models have opportunities.The culture and image of sexy underwear brands are also constantly being updated and upgraded, and brands with their own unique style are becoming more and more loved by young people.

10. Conclusion

As an important part of the brand image of sexy underwear brand, sexy underwear models not only need a good image, but also require a certain professional quality and professional spirit.When recruiting and managing sexy underwear models, brands need to pay attention to the balance of personal development and brand effects in order to allow the brand to get more development opportunities in fierce market competition.