Sexy underwear on the train

Sexy underwear on the train

Wear the psychology of sexy underwear on the train

Riding a train is an indispensable way to travel.Especially for long -term travel, you may choose overnight train.Some people like to wear their own sexy underwear on the train, or buy some new sexy underwear to enjoy the fun on the journey.So, what psychology may be hidden behind the trains?

Increase the fun of travel

Putting on sex underwear can add new fun and excitement to travel, which may be very excited and pleasant.Even in a familiar environment, wearing sexy underwear can be surprising.For many passengers, this is a way to relax, enjoy and break the routine.

Personal taste embodiment

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Everyone has their own taste. Choosing to wear sexy underwear can better express their own personality and taste.Wearing sexy underwear on the train can also show personal safety boundaries and show their own health and safety awareness, because some types of sexy underwear are usually designed according to new concepts of comfort and health.

Attractiveness to couples

For couples, wearing sexy underwear can add intimate and romantic atmosphere to travel.Couples who spend a good night on the train, wearing sexy underwear may be a way to express their feelings.In addition, some sexy underwear can also increase the fun of sex, making the love between husband and wife more vigorous.

Need to choose the right time and occasion

Although wearing a fun underwear on the train is a good choice, you must also pay attention to the right time and occasion.For example, on the day or on a crowded train, there may be a sense of embarrassment and uncomfortable feeling.At night or in your own private room during the journey, it may be more suitable for wearing sexy underwear.

You must consider the experience of the surrounding passengers

Passengers in sex underwear must consider the feelings of other passengers around.Although individuals have the right to wear their own underwear, they need to follow the basic civilized etiquette of public places.If there are children or conservative passengers around, they may be scared or even discomfort by too sexy underwear.

Must consider physical health issues

Wearing sexy underwear on the train may increase the risk of gynecological diseases, such as bacterial infections.In addition, wearing too tight underwear may affect physical health, such as difficulty breathing, poor blood circulation.Therefore, when choosing the right sexy underwear, you must also consider your health.


Choose a suitable sexy underwear

You need to choose the right style when wearing fun underwear during travel. Not only should you consider the comfort of wearing, but also the point of showing unique personality.Good erotic underwear is not only comfortable, but also can increase beauty and fashion to your full set of styles.Therefore, it is very important to choose some comfortable, uniquely designed, uniquely designed, uniquely designed, and in line with your own style.

Maintain the cleanliness of sexy underwear

Wearing sex underwear needs to maintain its cleaning to maintain the hygiene of the underwear and the comfort of wearing.The skin -friendly and clean sexy underwear is indispensable.Before the journey, it is necessary to prepare some washing supplies such as disinfectant and laundry fluid.

Sharing on social media

Traveling in sexy underwear is a very special experience that can be shared with friends or family members.Sharing your own experience on social media can add more perception to travel.Some technology and digital applications provide tools for convenient records and sharing, such as taking pictures, videos, editing and sharing.This is another important aspect of experiencing train travel.


Passengers wearing sex underwear should pay attention to the appropriate time and occasions, and consider the feelings of the surrounding travelers and their physical health.It is also very important to choose a comfortable and suitable sexy underwear and the cleaning of underwear.Finally, sharing of your own experience on social media is also a good experience.Traveling can also be more energetic and more interesting. Its customs clearance must be experienced, experienced, and recorded with their own intelligence and aesthetic judgment.