Sexy underwear open stall sailor suit

Sexy underwear open stall sailor suit

Sexy underwear open stall sailor suit

The first preface

Sexy underwear open -stall sailor clothes are a cute, sexy, and different sexy underwear, which has become a trendy style chased by many women.In this article, we will introduce the styles, characteristics, choices, and matching of sexy underwear.

Section 2 style

There are two main styles of the sailor clothes of sexy underwear: mini and long models.Mini style is usually more suitable for women with fair skin tone, while long models are more suitable for women with higher heights.No matter which style is selected, it can shape the attractive curve beauty.

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Features of the third paragraph

The main feature of sexy underwear open -stall jellyfish clothes is its opening design, which makes women more convenient and easier to perform various sexual behaviors.While maintaining sexy, it also increases practicality.In addition, because the opening part is very hidden, even if it does not perform sexual behavior, it has a very high dressing, which is more suitable for daily wear.

Fourth Fabric

The fabrics of the sexy underwear boiled sailor clothes are nylon, lace and polyester fiber. The fabric can affect the texture of the entire underwear.Nylon fabrics can make underwear more ductantly. Lace fabrics allow the skin to breathe smoothly, and polyester fiber fabrics are more abrasion and stronger.

Paragraph color

There are many choices for the color of the sailor clothes in sexy underwear. The dark colors such as black and dark red are suitable for women with darker skin tone. The bright color series such as white and pink suitable for women with lighter skin tone.When choosing color, you can also consider your preferences and skin tone.

Section 6 match

Sexy underwear can be worn alone or with clothes.When wearing it alone, you can put on underwear directly, paired with a pair of high heels, which is especially suitable for sex services.To match clothes, you can choose jeans, short skirts, or gauze skirts to enhance the matching effect.

Section seventh reference size


It is very important to choose a suitable size. Excessive or too large underwear will affect the wear effect.The reference size usually includes a variety of indicators such as bust, waist, and hips. Consumers can choose the size that suits them best according to their needs.

Reasonable maintenance

Sexy underwear open stalls need to be cleaned regularly.It is best to use a special underwear cleaning agent and wash it with hand washing.Avoid direct exposure, it is recommended to air dry in the half -shade to ensure the original quality of the underwear.

Point of view

Sexy underwear open stall sailors are a cute and sexy underwear style. Its opening design adds practicality, making women more convenient to perform various sexual behaviors.In terms of choosing, matching, and maintenance, you also need to pay attention to various details in order to truly experience the fashion and aesthetics of this style.