Sexy underwear -related Japanese

Sexy underwear -related Japanese

Sexy underwear -related Japanese

Interest underwear is one of the very popular sexy underwear in recent years, and it is no exception in Japan.In this article, we will introduce some Japanese terms about sexy underwear to help you know and buy this underwear better.

1. Ranjerii (Ranjerii)

"ラ ン ジェ リ ー" is a word that is literally translated as "underwear", but in general, it refers to more sexy and high -end underwear, including sexy underwear.If you are looking for sexy back underwear and perspective underwear, the word may be used to describe these styles.

2. k (bikini)

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Although "是" was originally described as a swimsuit, it was also used to describe some sexy underwear. These underwear usually exposed the abdomen and has the characteristics of more sexy than ordinary underwear.In Japan, it is also often used to describe the lower dress of the sexy lingerie suit.

3. ー ス ル ー (shiisuruu)

"ー ー ス ル ー" means perspective, describing a material, which allows people to see the skin through underwear and enhance the sexy and mystery.

4. Reesu (Reesu)

"指 ー ス" refers to a decorative lace that is usually used for decorative underwear, bedding and other items.In sexy underwear, it is often used to create a sexy and elegant atmosphere.

5. タ ー タ ー (ル ト

"ガ ー” ー "means a strap, and" ベ ル ト "means a strap.The combination of the two, "合 ー 组 ー ベ ル ト" has become a cute and sexy sexy underwear accessories, making your whole set of underwear more perfect.

6. Brajaa (Brajaa)

"ブ ラ” ー "is a typical Japanese word that contains both modern underwear and refers to this type of underwear.In Japan, it is widely used to describe various sexy underwear, such as bra, exposed milk underwear.

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7. Chookaa

"チョ ー” ー "is a kind of decorative collar hanging on the neck to add sexy and mystery.In erotic underwear, it often appears as a subsidiary, and it is matched with the style of the underwear to make you exuding a charming charm.


"カ ー カ ン プ ッ プ" refers to exposed milk underwear. Usually, there is only one small hook covering the nipples, so that the entire chest is exposed underwear style. This underwear is relatively high, but it can achieve different effects.

9. Bodii Sutokkingu

"キ ー ス ト ッ グ ン ボディ" refers to a kind of underwear like tight -fitting pants, which is usually very tight and can properly show the perfect body curve.This underwear is very popular and is widely used in sexy occasions.

10. シ ク e ー (Sekushii)

The word "这个 ク シ ー" refers to sexy, which is usually used to describe the description of various sexy lingerie.Whether it is the lace, silk, belly, and chest exposure in the underwear, or the bold color of different patterns and styles, it belongs to the category of "セ ク シ ー".

in conclusion:

There are many special styles and accessories in sexy underwear.We introduced some useful Japanese terms to help you know these products better when buying sexy underwear.No matter what type of sexy underwear you want, you can use these terms to better describe and buy your underwear.