Sexy underwear seniors lightly

First exploring love underwear

Interesting underwear is based on maintaining basic functions, adding some sexy elements, so that people can achieve higher visual enjoyment and pleasure in the process of dressing, thereby stimulating their own senses and sexual desires.

Common sexy lingerie styles

Generally, sexy lingerie styles are sexy, charming, sexy imitation, sexy gathering, sexy stimuli and other types, because human preferences and needs are different, and their styles are different. You can choose the style that suits you according to your preferences and needs.

Adult erotic underwear material choice

The material of adult sex lingerie is usually silk, lace, PU, velvet, etc. These materials are very soft and comfortable, and they are also breathable, so they have no sense of burden.In addition, some fun underwear is also attached with gauze nets and other materials, which can achieve more sexy effects through styling design.

The color matching of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, it may be difficult for color matching problems.Colors can not only enhance the sexy atmosphere, but also choose according to temperament and personal hobbies.Red and black are more common colors of sexy underwear, because they are full of mystery and temptation, but they can also choose other colors according to the occasion.

Selection of sexy underwear size

Selection of the size of sex underwear is very important, because too large and too small will have a bad effect on the sexy effect.Too small size will make people feel too cramped, uncomfortable to wear, and even affect breathing; too large size will reduce the sexy effect, so be sure to choose the suitable size according to your actual situation.

Falling underwear maintenance

After wearing, we need to clean up sexy underwear in time. It is recommended to use a hand washing method to avoid using washing machines to avoid destroying the shape of sexy underwear.In addition, the material of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention. Wash with mild detergent. Do not stir too much. Try not to mix with other clothes to avoid dyeing, and do not expose it.

Sending underwear matching

The matching of sex underwear needs to be determined according to the specific situation.In the occasion of sex dating, you can selectively sexy and charming styles; during the wedding registration, you can choose some sexy and generous sexy underwear to increase temperament by the way; in life, with a loose coat, you can wear a sense of fashion.

Confidence is the best sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear can improve women’s self -confidence and charm, the most important thing is to maintain confidence.The process of wearing sex underwear should also be the process of self -confidence to show self.Of course, at the same time, you also need to respect the feelings of yourself and others, and wear appropriate sexy underwear under appropriate occasions.


Sexy underwear is both a symbol of fashion and sexy. As long as we have a certain vision and skills in choosing, matching, and wearing, we can achieve the effect of satisfying ourselves and others, but pay attention to respect and protect our bodies and rightsEssence

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