Sexy underwear SM bellyband

Sexy underwear SM bellyband

Falling underwear SM bellyband: a sexy and mysterious equipment

With the development of society, people’s demand for sex is getting higher and higher, and sexy underwear is a kind of good recipe for meeting this demand.One type is SM bellyband.In this article, I will introduce what is SM bellyband, its functions and characteristics, how to choose the SM bellyband that suits you, how to wear and maintain.

1. What is SM bellyband

SM bellyband is a sexy and mysterious sexy underwear.It is usually made of PU, leather and other materials, with various decorations such as silver buckles and zippers.This sexy underwear is particularly suitable for SM games or sex occasions, which can not only bring visual stimuli, but also mobilize interest and pleasure.

Second, the function and characteristics of SM bellyband

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The function of SM bellyband is to provide a visual sexy feeling and create sexy and mysterious temperament.Its design is close to the position of the navel, only the skin near the belly button is exposed.This can not only effectively enhance the proportion of figure, but also increase mystery and sexy atmosphere.In addition, the material of the SM bellyband is generally highly flexible PU or leather, and the support and restraint are also very strong.

3. How to choose a SM bellyband that suits you

When choosing a SM bellyband, the following factors need to be considered.

1. Material: Generally speaking, high elastic PU and leather are mainstream materials.For people with sensitive skin, they also need to choose materials that are not easy to cause allergies.

2. Design: The design of the bellyband must be close to the waist curve to better shape the figure.In addition, pay attention to whether it is comfortable. If the material is too hard, it will easily cause discomfort.

3. Style: Choose different styles according to personal preferences.Some bellybands are more handled in zipper, silver buckle and other details, while others are more pure and simple.

Fourth, wearing SM bellyband skills

Pay attention to the following points in wearing a SM bellyband.

1. Tips: The technique should be gentle to avoid damaging the bellyband.Because SM bellybands are mostly made of PU or leather, they need to be bent and stretching their diarrhea to make them smoother.


2. Matching: It is recommended to match high -heeled shoes, bellybands and high heels to make you more high, petite girls are particularly suitable.

3. Note: If the sexy atmosphere of SM bellyband is too strong, pay attention to the occasion.Using in non -interesting occasions and non -fitting time is easy to cause danger, and pay attention to your own safety, do not wear it in an unsafe environment.

5. How to maintain SM bellyband

Maintenance is the key to increasing the life span of sexy underwear and aesthetics.

1. Favorites and cleaning: When not wearing, you need to hang your bellyband and place it in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.Cleaning can use special leather or PU cleaner, which is not suitable for ordinary water and soap.

2. Maintenance: Maintenance of sexy underwear is not only cleaned, but also should be scratched regularly to prevent hardening or decolorizing.

6. Different styles of SM bellybands

The SM bellyband has many different styles and tricks, and several classic styles are recommended below.

1. Alternative leather: Most of the leather and silver buckles are used as decorative SM bellybands, showing a strong alternative style.

2. Retro PU: The PU material with only edges and darker colors is reminiscent of the old -fashioned sexy underwear style in the 1950s.

3. Movement style: Simple design, no more than detail decoration, mostly made of light PU material.

Seven, the benefits of SM bellyband

The benefits of SM bellybands are not only the visual stimulus and sexy atmosphere, but also the following benefits.

1. Highlight the figure: The visual effects created by the curve will make the figure more prominent and charming.

2. Improve self -confidence: The wear of bellybands and sexy underwear is not only to let others see, but also to improve their self -confidence.

3. Increase interest: Compared to some monotonous and boring sex, wearing SM bellybands can increase interest and pleasure.

8. SM bellybands are not applicable to people

SM bellyband is not suitable for the following people.

1. Skin sensitivity or allergies: material allergies and other people, not suitable for wearing.

2. Belly protruding: If the abdomen is protruding, it is not suitable for wearing a SM bellyband. You need to choose a more loose style.

Nine, how to choose the size

You need to pay attention to the following points when choosing SM bellybands.

1. Do not choose big: SM bellyband material itself is elastic. If you choose large, it is easy to lose the clothing effect.

2. Loose is better: if the material is too strong or the tightness is too strong, it is easy to cause discomfort.

10. Summary

As a sexy and mysterious sexy underwear, the SM bellyband has a variety of different styles and styles, and can be selected according to needs and personal preferences.When choosing, you need to pay attention to factors, design and styles, and pay attention to wearing skills and maintenance methods.At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the proportion and characteristics of the people, as well as their own figure.In general, SM bellybands can not only bring sexy atmosphere, but also enhance self -confidence, increase interest, and bring more fun to sex.