Sexy underwear small breast shop

Sexy underwear small breast shop

Small breasts women wear erotic underwear misunderstandings

Many small breasts always encounter a lot of troubles when choosing sexy underwear. They often feel that they do not have enough breasts and are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.But in fact, sexy underwear is not only suitable for big breasts. As long as you choose the right, small breasts can also wear sexy and charming effects.Let’s take a look at the misunderstanding of small breasts when wearing sexy underwear:

Misunderstanding 1: Choose only skeleton design underwear

Many small breasts will give priority to choosing skeleton design when choosing sexy underwear, because they feel that this can hold up the chest and increase the visual effect of the chest.But in fact, if you do not really need special support, the skeleton design will be tight and uncomfortable.The boneless underwear has a certain tolerance and a sexy effect.

Misunderstanding 2: Just focus on selecting pad underwear

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Just because the chest looks more plump, choosing pad underwear is not necessarily the best choice.In fact, there are many good choices in design without pads. It can not only create sexy deep V -necks, but also use lace and decorations to create a bright feeling.

Misunderstanding 3: ignore the choice of corset

Choosing the right corset is very important for creating sexy.For small breasts, the UNIVERSALLY CUT (UR/Adidas Originals) versatile corset is a good choice. This kind of corset allows you to fully show your chest shape and very comfortable and breathable.

Misunderstanding 4: only select underwear with transparent coat

Of course, underwear with transparent coats is indeed very sexy.But if you just try to match this way instead of how to match, then you will look very abrupt and very unsightly.At this time, you can try a sexy silk knit underwear. This underwear can be worn alone or with a coat.

Misunderstanding 5: ignore the importance of details

For small breasts, details are very important.A small small decoration, a thin rope band can make the sexy underwear more soul, showing a more gorgeous effect.Therefore, do not ignore the importance of details when choosing sexy underwear.

Misunderstanding 6: Only focus on color choices

Colors are important, but not the only important.For small breasts, even more importantly is style and texture.Choose a sense of erotic underwear with a sense of design, or get rid of the old animal patterns and delicate patterns, and replace it with a more high -end mini style, which will definitely make you more sexy.


Misunderstanding 7: Big breasts are more suitable for revealing as an excuse

Many small breasts will think that they are not suitable for back and low -cut, and big breasts are more suitable.In fact, this is incorrect.As long as you wear the right sexy underwear, the small breasts can still show their advantages, and the big breasts will not necessarily become more sexy.

Misunderstanding eight: I don’t know how to match underwear and coat

It is very important to match underwear and coats, but this is a very difficult thing for many small breasts.It is very important to choose the right coat. You can choose a short coat with pattern or pattern, which is very good.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Finally, it is important for small breasts to choose a sexy underwear for you.And, don’t stick to your own chest type, because all chest types can have advantages.As long as you choose well and do not let go of any choice that can show your sexy, you can definitely find a sexy underwear that suits you.