Sexy underwear tie

Sexy underwear tie

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is widely used in various styles.When choosing a sexy underwear, the design of the strap is one of the important factors of consideration.This article will explore the various types of sex underwear straps and its suitable wear occasions.

1. Cross strap

Cross -strap is a common design element in sexy underwear.This design can not only highlight the figure, but also bring a soft curve to the wearer.

Second, suspended design

The camisole design is a classic sexy lingerie tie style. It hangs on the shoulders with thin bands, bare or designed as a triangular shape.This design has both sexy and cute characteristics, suitable for all kinds of interest occasions.

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Third, horizontal band design

The horizontal band design penetrates the strap from the front to the back, which is equivalent to forming a horizontal band on the body.This design can highlight the curve of the waist and hips, suitable for women who want to show their sexy and beautiful curves.

Fourth, thin band design

The thin band design is mostly used in the style of corset and T-BACK. The thin band can increase the lightness of the overall design and make the whole messy underwear more sexy.However, it should be noted that thin band -style sexy underwear is not suitable for women with large chests.

Five, belt design

Most of the belt -type design is used on a suspender -type sexy underwear. It can reduce the use of materials as much as possible, making the overall underwear more transparent and sexy.

6. Cross lace

Similar to the cross -strap, the cross -strap is to fix the band around the chest and back, respectively.This design has both a sense of fashion and can also highlight the beauty of the figure.

7. V -shaped strap

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The design of the V -shaped strap is similar to the band design, but its horizontal band is changed to V -shaped.This design can enlarge the back and make the figure more linen.

Eight, skeleton design

The skeleton design can be divided into two parts: front chest and back. Based on the skeleton, the sexy underwear is more personal.The design is similar to the cross -strap, which can highlight the chest and waist curve.

Nine, two -stage design

The two-stage design is divided into two sections in the upper and lower sections, the upper half is a camisole, and the lower part is a T-back or G-String style. It is fixed through a strap.The prominent point of this design lies in the sense of transparency and sexy.

Ten, chest protection design

The chest protection design is a good choice to highlight the curve of women’s upper body. Choosing sexy underwear with chest protection design is a good choice.This design is often used on a more solemn occasion.

In general, the strap design of sexy underwear can increase its overall beauty, make the figure more streamlined, and highlight the sexy and beautiful curve of women.According to different occasions and their own needs, it is important to choose different strap design.