Sexy underwear type introduction

Sexy underwear type introduction

Sexy underwear type introduction

1. lace sexy underwear

The main design elements of lace sexy underwear are sexy and charm. They are mainly made of lace and organic materials. The texture is soft and transparent. It can effectively mobilize the desire and emotion of men and women, and it is suitable for the inspiration of interest on the bed.

2. Leather erotic underwear

Leather sex lingerie is widely used in special occasions such as SM.Leather has excellent toughness and strength. In addition, its black and red color design can effectively stimulate more sexual desire and challenge, and suitable for professional or highly love SM groups.

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3. Stockings sexy underwear

In addition to the beauty of stockings, underwear, it can enhance women’s body charm, rendering sexy and elegant women’s temperament through slender and soft stockings, suitable for elegant and sexy women’s dresses and unique personalities.

4. Naked Sleeping Fun Underwear

Naked sleepy underwear focuses on experience and comfort, and uses light and breathable fabrics to highlight the casual and relaxed and comfortable leisure fun.Suitable for private home life and dating, add interest.

5. Perspective sexy underwear

Permanent sex lingerie is sexy and seductive. It uses transparent or translucent materials to show the outline of the female body, which looks very tempting.Suitable for the period of love, special dating or nightclub scenes to enhance charm and attractiveness.

6. Three -point sexy underwear

The three -point sexy underwear adopts a unique three -point structure. The bras, T -shaped pants, suspenders and other exquisite compactness shows the beautiful body curve of women and increases the fun of sexual life.Suitable for special occasions such as private couples or Valentine’s Day.

7. Eye mask sexy underwear


Eye mask erotic underwear can deepen sexuality to a certain extent, and deeply dig the emotional mobilization and passion needs of both parties.Suitable for precipitating couple relationships, increasing freshness, and increasing the creation of fun air.

8. Silk sexy underwear

Silk erotic underwear is made of silk and other fabrics. It is bright and soft, reflecting the gentle, delicate and delicate side of women.Suitable for special dating, romantic nights, and party gathers to pull closer to each other.

9. Stomato sexy underwear

The sexy underwear of the belly is a sexy lingerie style with strong tradition and regional characteristics. It is both a coat and a skirt. It can release unique personality and aesthetics, and pursue different tastes.Suitable for special occasions, card seats, theater, etc.

10. Set sexy sheets

Set sexy underwear is a more unique, convenient and reasonable sexy underwear, which can achieve a complete form, including bra, Sheba, stockings, socks, skirts, etc.It is suitable for use and show in professional levels or enthusiasts.


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that stimulates and satisfy human desire through special designs and materials, and is also a tool for emotional mobilization and interaction.However, when choosing and dressing, you should carefully consider how to take care of health, personality, comfort, and taste to achieve the best effect and purpose.