Shanghai Meng Peiro Interest Underwear Show

Shanghai Meng Peiro Interest Underwear Show

Shanghai Meng Peiro Interest Underwear Show

Shanghai Meng Peiro’s Funwee Underwear Show is the most important one of the theme of the sex underwear in Asia. Since 2007, it has become a traditional event in Shanghai.Every year, more than 20 brands of sexy underwear manufacturers from Asia, Europe and the United States participate.

The perfect combination of sexy and stylish fashion

This event brings consumers a perfect combination of sexy and fashionable. Whether men, women, and children, they can find their favorite styles on this stage of communication.It is not only a show that shows sexy underwear, but also a platform for selling sexy underwear, and it is also a sign of ideology and fashion.

What is the difference between the catwalk?

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For sexy underwear shows, their way of catwalks is different from ordinary fashion shows.The sexy underwear shows the sexy and charm, not the usual appearance of fashion.Models performed a special change on the T -type platform to show the highlights and characteristics of sexy underwear.

Different brands are competing on the same stage

At this feast, each brand was given a unique opportunity to show their own interests, and it was also time to show the audience their brand style and design concept.In this market with fierce competition, this display can really make them stand out and attract more consumers.

Show the charm of all shapes and sizes

Sex underwear has many choices in various types and styles.From light and transparent lace underwear to tight -fitting shaping underwear, from large and small chest shapes to large size.Regardless of your figure, this show can show your charm.

Quality is the most important

Whether it is quality or design, all brands appearing on the sex underwear show have a common goal, that is, to provide consumers with high -quality products.They attract more consumers to pay attention to their brands by showing their new products and exquisite designs on this show.

Sexy is not equal to exposure

Some people think that erotic underwear is inferior, vulgar, and light, but these are the two concepts that they do not understand sexy and exposure are different.Sexy does not mean to expose the body’s part. On the contrary, the design of the sexy underwear is more emphasizing the body curve and charm of women.

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Skills of sexy underwear

Many women are particularly scared when trying to wear sexy underwear because they think it is difficult to match.In fact, the skills of wearing sex underwear are very simple: with the right shoes and accessories.If you choose the right underwear and the right accessories, you can easily match it into a stunning suit.

Constant innovation of sexy underwear

The designer of sexy underwear is constantly discovering new design elements in order to perfectly show the beauty of women.Taobao shop owners have adopted a lot of elements such as lace, perspective underwear, transparent fabrics, and are accepted by customers and gradually become mainstream.


Meng Peiro’s Funny Underwear Show is an excellent opportunity to understand the latest style and design of different brands.The design of sexy underwear is becoming more and more diversified. Wearing sexy underwear is a confident and beautiful thing.Keep in mind that meeting the needs of individuals is the key to success in this industry.