Share with your girlfriend to wear sexy underwear

Share with your girlfriend to wear sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a way to increase sexual fun, which is very helpful for couples.Many women want female friends to wear sexy underwear to increase sexual interest.This article will discuss how to choose the right sexy underwear and share with your girlfriend how to wear sexy underwear.

Know your girlfriend’s preference

First of all, it is very important to understand your girlfriend’s preference.Different women have very different preferences for different styles and materials. Choosing styles and materials suitable for your girlfriend are personalized issues. You need to choose according to the characteristics of your girlfriend.So what image she wants to have in my mind, such as cuteness, sexy, and so on.

Consider her figure

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It is very important to consider her figure when choosing a sexy underwear.Some women with good figures may like to show their figure lines, while others do not necessarily like it, so they need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear based on her figure.

Choose comfortable materials

The material of sexy underwear is very important.Because women need to wear them for a long time, it is important to choose comfortable materials.Choose more soft and breathable materials.

Select the right size

Make sure that the sexy underwear you choose is correct, too small or too much will make your girlfriend uncomfortable.The size of the size is difficult, if you are not sure, you can ask her friends or clerk.The purpose of pre -sale consultation is to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later period.

Choose the right color and style

The color and style of sexy underwear are also important considerations.Some colors are more suitable for certain skin tones, so you need to consider it as appropriate.In addition, some styles may be suitable for certain shapes and need to be selected according to the actual situation of their girlfriends.

Slowly show your figure

The most important point about how to wear sexy underwear is to slowly show figures.Women can first put on sexy underwear and gradually show other parts of their bodies, such as shoulders, chests, etc., and finally open their hearts to let the other party appreciate their figure.

Head Wear

Attention to detail

When your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear, pay attention to details. Some sexy lingerie needs to be specially carried out, such as hand washing, low -temperature ironing, etc., to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Interest underwear is not equal to sexual tools

Finally, it is important to emphasize that sexy underwear is not equal to sexual tools.Interest underwear is a way to increase interest, not a tool for replacement.Some women may mistake the role of sexy underwear and use them to use them as sexual tools.

Choose suitable occasions

Interest underwear needs to be used in appropriate occasions, such as special days, holidays, etc., or to create a romantic atmosphere, if too much use, it may produce reverse effects.

in conclusion

In short, you need to consider many factors, such as materials, styles, colors, sizes and suitable occasions.For girlfriends, wearing a comfortable and suitable sexy underwear can increase sexual interest and increase the taste of life.Under the right case, the right effect of enhancing the relationship between men and women is selected, so choose the appropriate sexy underwear to bring endless fun to you and your girlfriend!