She came to me in sexy underwear

Her figure disrupted my thinking

As soon as I went to get off work that day, I heard the noisy sound outside the door.Looking at the door, it is my closer customers recently, and a beautiful female friend.

She is wearing a sexy underwear

I saw her wearing a black erotic underwear, revealing sexy collarbone and slender arms, and her exquisite underwear decorated her perfect figure.Her appearance disrupted my thinking, and I even forgot that her home was here.

Strong visual impact

I just saw her uncomfortable in my heart, but after seeing some time, I began to be completely obsessed with her.She was wearing a very sexy sexy underwear. The strong visual impact made me a little stuffy. For the first time, I felt that the question of answering customers about sexy underwear was so difficult.

The sexy lingerie style and suitable occasion she wear

I think she came to recommend her some sexy underwear for her. This must be what she proposed after we became friends recently.I introduced her to some sexy and beautiful styles, which can be worn on various occasions, such as daily necessities, private occasions, and so on.

The importance of the size and the appropriate model of the chest

Due to the long time to deal with sexy underwear, I will let the client tell me her figure and preferences before recommending it, and to match her the most suitable sexy underwear according to her figure characteristics and needs.For example, to maintain the beauty and health of the chest, every woman should also pay attention to the size and model when choosing sexy underwear to facilitate better facilities and maintain a healthy living state.

Discover personal preferences to recommend

I usually recommend that customers reveal some personal preferences when choosing sexy underwear so that we can customize the most suitable design and formula for it, and it is easier to help women find sexy underwear that suits them.

The results of my personal preferences I studied

Based on the choice of customers, I studied some content about gender preferences, and found that many women are more inclined to choose the simple and more expensive sexy underwear with relatively few simple and relatively expensive erotic underwear when choosing sexy underwear. This is with their quality and quality.The focus and detail focus is closely related.

Introduction to the quality of sexy underwear

Here I also need to introduce the quality of sexy underwear to female friends, because many people only pay attention to the form and ignore the real quality when choosing.It is not very fitted with the skin, and often does not want to wear.

Innovative design of sexy underwear

In the end, I also want to introduce the recent trend. The innovative design style of sexual emotional affair uses modern technology and materials to escort the health of female friends!Their tightness does not cause leakage and zero sports cars, and many can help women present slender, sexy and beautiful characteristics in terms of body shape and temperament.

My conclusion requires good quality with personal taste and preferences

In short, it is important to choose a high -quality sexy underwear and choosing your favorite style and color.If female friends have any problems in selecting sexy underwear, you can come to me to consult, I will do my best to provide you with the best suggestions!

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