Shopping with fun underwear videos

Shopping with fun underwear videos

Shopping with fun underwear videos

With the gradual acceptance and relaxation of sex culture, sexy underwear has become the new favorite of the fashion circle.Some people even go shopping directly.If you want to try, but don’t know how to choose a match, this article will provide you with some practical matching skills.

Start with a bra

For a long time, bras are the first choice for underwear.If you want to wear sexy underwear out of the street, it is best to start with a bra.It is recommended to choose the style of sexy underwear, such as a pocket bra or a bra with lace texture.Of course, it is necessary to ensure that the color of the bra is coordinated with underwear.

Choose a translucent material

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Rather than selecting a strong color, it is better to choose a slightly higher transparency style.The translucent sexy underwear can provide an ambiguous feeling, which is one of the effects we want.

Consider fashion elements

If you want to wear sexy underwear, don’t choose those old -fashioned styles.Rather than consider whether it is sexy, it is better to consider more fashion elements.For example, you can choose the popular metal texture this year, or the rainbow color, which can increase your shape highlights.

Paired with jeans

Speaking of wearing sexy underwear, the first reaction of many people is sunglasses high -heeled shoes with dresses.In fact, jeans are also a good choice.You can choose ultra -high waist jeans to expose the sexy underwear slightly, both sexy and stylish, which is perfect.

Short pants can also

If you want to try some more personalized matching methods, you can choose shorts.With a pair of shorts, there are more parts of sexy underwear.In addition, you can also choose a binding strap to connect the upper body and the lower body to create a feeling similar to the swimsuit.

With a pair of sneakers

If you don’t want to wear high heels, a pair of sneakers can also provide stable support.In addition, many sexy underwear brands have designed special sexy underwear for sneakers with sneakers. You can try it.

Stay Up

Make a mask too

In the current circumstances, the mask has become a necessity.But if you want to wear sexy underwear outside, you can choose a well -breathable mask.In addition, there are many sexy underwear brands on the market have launched a series of mask matching styles.

Putting a self -confidence attitude

No matter what kind of sexy underwear you choose, it has always been the most important point to put on a confident attitude.Don’t be shy or nervous, enjoy the feeling of wearing a sexy underwear, bring this feeling to your pace, I believe you can wear a perfect effect.

in conclusion

Shopping with fun underwear is no longer a taboo problem, and more and more people are trying to try this challenging fashion match.Through the skills and suggestions provided above, I believe you can also wear sexy and fashionable, and become the most beautiful one.