Shuqi Taipei Sex Underwear Show

Shuqi Taipei Sex Underwear Show

Shu Qi is a attractive star, and her sexy image has attracted much attention.Recently, she held a sexy underwear show in Taipei, allowing people to see her charm again.

Beginning of charm

At the beginning of the erotic underwear show, Shu Qi wore a black lace jumpsuit, showing her sexy lines.The atmosphere of the entire fashion show was very warm, and the screams and applause of the audience continued.

Sexy theme

The theme of the entire sex lingerie show is sexy, which can be said to run through the whole process.All underwear uses soft materials such as lace and silk, so that people can feel their tenderness and sexy at a glance.

Diverse style

In this sexy underwear show, a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, including bra, underwear, and jackets.Each set of sexy underwear has its unique design and characteristics, making people shine.

Exquisite details

Each set of sexy underwear has exquisite details.For example, some erotic underwear uses exquisite decoration such as glittering and pearls; some sexy underwear uses design elements such as straps on the chest, waist and other positions.

Transmitted information

Some information is also conveyed in the sexy lingerie show.For example, some sexy underwear emphasizes the curve and sexy of women; others emphasize women’s strength and self -confidence.

There are many popular elements

There are also many popular elements in the sexy lingerie show.For example, some sexy underwear uses popular colors and patterns, allowing people to feel their fashion and sense of the times.

The performance that makes people look shiny

The sexy underwear show not only shows sexy underwear, but also adds some elements such as dance performances.The audience at the scene liked this form very much, and everyone was attracted by the performance.

Electric light fire on the spot

The atmosphere of the whole sex underwear show is very strong, with a light light fire on the scene.The enthusiasm of the audience at the scene was very high. While watching this wonderful sexy lingerie show, they also enjoyed this rare party time.


It can be said that Shu Qi’s Taipei sex underwear show shows a fashionable, sexy, and confident female image.Both the design of the sexy underwear or the form of performance shows an unprecedented, trendy and fashionable atmosphere.This sexy lingerie show is not only a fashion feast, but also a positive and healthy attitude towards life.

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