Small attack punishment for small superstaries to wear fun underwear

Small attack punishment for small superstaries to wear fun underwear

Introduction: Interest underwear is no longer hazy, but also a surprise

The fun of wearing a sexy underwear is no longer just to let the other half see yourself hazy, but more to bring surprises and stimulation to yourself or the other half.The rotation of the small attacker Xiao Yin’s identity makes wearing a sexy underwear more interesting.

1. Xiao Shou revealed sexy underwear

Under the identity, wearing a exposed sexy underwear can easily attract the attention of small attacks.Such as bellyband, three -point style, open panties, etc.Especially suitable for brave trials, wearing the exposed underwear to evoke the curiosity of each other.

Second, small attack control -type sexy underwear

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In the small attack, choosing a controlled sexy underwear can better reflect the desire to dominate.For example, binding clothes, restraint pants, restraint suits, etc., small attacks can satisfy their own dominance by controlling small.

3. Underwear selection combined with both parties

The wearing of sexy underwear needs to consider the body of both parties to better reflect the advantages.For Xiao Shou, choosing underwear that is more suitable for your body curve can better keep yourself in a controlled state, and the small attack chooses the underwear that suits you, which can better control the overall situation.

Fourth, the impact of popular trends on sexy underwear

The impact of fashion trends on sexy underwear has gradually increased.From the initial vinyl, leather style, to the current transparent, mesh style, to the possible technology -based sexy lingerie in the future, it reflects the impact and promotion of the trend on sexy underwear.

5. Selection of underwear of different scenarios and time

Interest underwear is not limited to the wearing of bedrooms or private places.Underwear selection suitable for scenes and time can better increase the fun of wearing.If you go out and dating, wear off -the -shoulder and deep V sexy underwear to increase the sense of mystery; wearing nude and lace -style sexy underwear at home to increase warmth.

6. Coordinating toys to increase stimulation

The coordinated toys of sexy underwear, such as jumping eggs, remote control butterflies, simulation penis, etc., can increase the stimulus and fun of both sides.When the small attack is rotated, these toys can allow both sides to better experience the identity of the other party.

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7. Choose the right size and material

Choosing the right sexy underwear size and material is the key to increasing comfort and experience.Especially for small suits wearing sexy underwear, choosing the right size can greatly increase the comfort of wearing.

8. Friendship first does not rule out sexy underwear choices

In the environment of non -interesting underwear, choosing the right underwear is the basic skill of women.In the choice of sexy underwear, even between friends, you may wish to select sexy and exciting styles to increase fun.

Nine, gender should not be the choice of underwear 桎梏

In modern society, more and more people believe that gender should not be 桎梏 on choosing clothing.Especially for couples rotating by small attacks, you may wish to try some sexy underwear of gender, regardless of men and women, to increase freedom and innovation.

10. Conclusion: More fun rather than life necessities

Although erotic underwear cannot play a role in life as daily underwear, it can bring more fun and excitement to both parties, making love more beautiful and interesting.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you may wish to consider the identity, body shape, scene and toys of both parties, so that fun becomes part of life.