Small Mei Gao Dan Fei Yuan Terry Underwear

Small Mei Gao Dan Fei Yuan Terry Underwear


There are many types of women’s underwear, and sexy underwear has won the favor of many people.Among them, the dense and fertilizer -fertilizer of sexy underwear is a very popular style in recent years. It is full of sexy and seductive, suitable for wearing in sex, or use as a sexy toy.

The characteristics of particularly dense and soil fat round -rounded underwear

You Mi Mei Fat Tuquan Fairy Underwear is a unique design of sexy underwear. It includes many characteristics. The most noticeable of which is its shape.It is composed of two plates, which can squeeze and distort it like a pillow, bringing a sense of freedom.In addition, it also has wonderful details such as sequins, lace and transparent materials. These gorgeous jewelry will not only excite the wearer, but also make them feel soft and soft visually.

Suitable crowd

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Small and mixed dirty lingerie is sexy representatives. For those who like to feel sexy and excitement, it is an essential sexual product.In addition, in the sexual life of husband and wife, appropriate use of particularly dense and fertilizer and dirty underwear can enhance the fun and irritating blessing.

suitable occasion

You Mi Mei Fat Fat Intellectual Underwear is suitable for various interesting occasions, such as dancing venues such as party, nightclubs, romantic occasions such as dating, Valentine’s Day, and sexual playgrounds such as sex, SM.Of course, as a pure erotic toy, it can also be used for some role -playing games to make you transform into the desired character and release the inner interest.

Size and style

The size and style of You Mi Mei Fat Fat Interesting Underwear are relatively abundant. Different people can choose different sizes and styles to experience different sexy feelings.These styles include corset, sexy three -point, split underwear, pure black, black and red matching, etc., which can be selected according to personal hobbies.

Purchase points

When buying particularly dense and fertilizer, you should pay attention to choosing good quality, brand excellent, and safe and reliable sexy underwear.You Mi Hui Fei Yuan Dianye Lingerie is best to buy free trial brands. This can better understand the quality and comfort of clothes. If it is not suitable for yourself, you can choose other brands.

Way of wear

When wearing more dense and fertilizer, you should pay attention to choosing suitable underwear with suitable sizes and wear it correctly.Generally speaking, first hang the waist, then press the triangle on the chest deeply, and then hold the two sides hard, then buckle the buttons on the back, and make a final adjustment to ensure comfort and beauty.



When wearing particularly dense and fertilizer, we must pay attention to avoid excessive squirting, pollution, and washing methods.First of all, do not squander too much to avoid breaking the interest underwear; second, be careful not to stain the underwear and avoid too much difficulty in laundry; finally, choose the correct washing method to avoid damage.

Maintenance and custody

After wearing and avoiding pollution correctly, you also need to pay attention to maintenance and custody of sexy underwear.In terms of maintenance, you can use cleaning agents specializing in washing underwear to avoid using irritating cleaning agents such as strong acid and strong alkali; in terms of custody, you can place underwear in the dust bag in the sandwich to avoid direct sunlight or direct sunlight orPlace in a humid environment for a long time.


All in all, it is particularly characteristic and applicable to be particularly dense and fertilized. However, it is necessary to pay attention to details in the process of purchasing, wearing, maintenance, and custody to achieve better use effects.