Some equipment requires sexy underwear

Some equipment requires sexy underwear

Some equipment requires sexy underwear

In recent years, sex underwear has become a new trend in the fashion industry.In addition to the tailoring of the body, it also has a strong sexy and color sense.For those who want to make their own sexy underwear, they need to master certain cutting skills and some corresponding tools.This article will discuss the equipment required for sex underwear production.

1. Raifier

Making sexy underwear requires tailor -made materials to determine specific size.Therefore, a suitable measure is essential.You can choose a standard creative measuring ruler or a customized scale.

2. Scissors

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When making sexy underwear, scissors are essential.Make sure that a pair of sharp pairs of sharply handle scissors with nylon and silk materials.

3. Sewing machine

Sexual underwear needs to suture a few layers of thin materials, and the use of sewing machines can be greatly convenient to make.Select a suitable sewing machine to ensure that it can adapt to different types of lines and materials.

4. Needle

When sewing sexy underwear, you need to choose a dedicated needle.These needles can easily suture fine materials without damaging the fabric.

5. Holding rack

After completing the sexy underwear, a stable hanger is needed to maintain its original form and geometric structure.Choose a hanger that suits you to make a sexy underwear.Generally, steel waters are the first choice for making sexy underwear because they have strong carrying capacity and easy to break.

6. needle wire bag

When making sexy underwear, it must be sewn with lines with color matching.Therefore, a needle wire package is very necessary.You can choose a wire bag with many different colors to facilitate your choice of the right line in sexy underwear in different colors.


7. Embroidered needle

The jewelry and patterns on the erotic underwear need to be used.Therefore, an embroidered needle is an indispensable tool for making sexy underwear.You can choose a complete, not easy to break, slender embroidery needle.


Making some sexy underwear may need to be lined, which allows the material to slide better.Generally, it is best to use natural materials, which does not produce any side effects.

9. Iron

There are many small wrinkles and wrinkles on the erotic underwear, which requires an iron to deal with it.Select an iron, high -temperature, water -free iron to deal with sexy underwear materials.

10. Shear pads

When making sexy underwear, you need to work on a flat surface for cutting materials.The self -made shear pad is the ideal choice.This cushion allows you to work more conveniently.

In short, when making sexy underwear, you need to use some professional tools.It is necessary to choose a device that suits you and sexy underwear.This will ensure that the quality of the sexy underwear you make is good and perfectly in line with your own size and preference.