Suzhou Fun Underwear Fashion Town

Suzhou Fun Underwear Fashion Town

Suzhou Fun underwear Fashion Town: offline industrial model

With the upgrading of domestic consumption in recent years, online sales channels are becoming more mature today, the cooperation model of "online" and "offline stores" is even more important. In the context of "sexy underwear"The "Interesting Underwear Industry" has begun the comprehensive development and growth of "offline storefronts".In Qiaonan Street, Pingjiang District, Suzhou, a fashion town built with the focus of the sexy underwear industry has emerged. Compared with the "traditional sexy underwear shop" in terms of ordering and experience, it brings together brand consulting and creativity.Design, sex products, film and television shooting and other "one -stop service" sexy underwear gathering area.The following will be introduced in detail the status and prospects of Suzhou’s Info Underwear Fashion Town.

Environmental layout design highlights cultural heritage

The sexy underwear town is based on the theme of "creativity+clothing". The environmental layout is incorporated into the traditional Suzhou cultural elements.In the warm rooms or restaurants, avant -garde and fashionable graffiti also adds a lot to the entire neighborhood.At the same time, the environmental layout also focuses on comfort, introducing elements such as green plants and natural light sources, so that customers can get more relaxation and enjoyment when finding and buying in sex underwear.

New store mode is close to consumer needs

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There are many stores and small facades in this fashion town. Many sexy underwear shops buyers and customers can make customers more comfortable and convenient to shop.The store also specially set up house -related services, allowing customers to be more enjoyable during the trial of shopping and clothing, driving reputation.

Cultural and special activities to create brand IP

The business district around the town also follows the needs of the culture of fun underwear and the trend of market development. Here are the formats related to food stores, small bars, hand and foot art studios, etc. on the streets.The cultural style complements each other.At the same time, the annual sex underwear culture festival activities are also an indispensable part of the town. Through various art exhibitions, performances, seminars, etc., the Suzhou Funwear Fashion Town has gradually become one of the hot attractions in the Jiangnan cultural tourism area.

Combination of offline retail and online malls

For the more keen in Suzhou erotic underwear industry, the industrial environment is more keen, and the "online" and "offline" operation will be combined to further expand the sales scale of 350%.match.The offline display on the "LINE Store" in the Instead of the Funwear Fashion Town, providing a valuable platform for the successful and promoting brands of the successful business strategy.Even "online" e -commerce giants have paid more and more attention to "offline stores" to understand the actual needs of customers or provide personalized customization services.

Retail -based all -industry chain transformation

From the sales of a single product "sexy underwear" to the current "full industry chain" transformation, the sex underwear brands have deeply noticed the "industrial chain+consultation" while researching their business strategies.In this era’s "industrial change cycle", the transformation and upgrading of the sex underwear industry requires high attention.As a result, Suzhou’s sexy underwear fashion town has emerged as "industrial chain+", "industrial chain+finance" and other related cultural and service modules. These measures will attract a large number of merchants to settle in and comprehensively build the sex underwear cultural industry gathering area and service systemEssence

Industrial chain extension: formation of characteristic industrial chain

Relying on the agglomeration area and the construction of residents, the sex underwear industry chain has opened up an industrial chain characterized by "culture+consumption", creating an art and cultural industry mainly based on men’s and women’s sexy underwear, forming an open type of wide promotion and sales from a categoryIndustrial gathering area and service system.

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Centers for consumers, deepen product design

Suzhou Funwear Fashion Town is also one of the distribution sites for the design of new product designs for the brand Fang Fang.Through a large number of books, the age, culture, and personality needs of consumers, the brand side taps the consumption habits of potential users and online customers, and develops more humane and practical sexy underwear products.The brand loyalty has achieved remarkable results.

Establish a standardized and standardized process

Suzhou Funwear Fashion Town regulates the standards of cooperation processes, cooperation plans and processes, proof of birth, and behavioral standards, and forms a high -quality combination of precious fashion underwear brands and merchant stores that fit customers.The community that follows the standardized process has won the trust and word -of -mouth effect of customers.

Higher premium formed by limited and cultural value

In Suzhou Funwear Fashion Town, it is difficult to copy special products and services, and expressing complex erotic underwear cultural elements, further creating a higher value -added of "industrial chain+consultation", and further increased the sexy underwear brandThe competitiveness and price premium space have reached higher value returns in production and sales and services.


Overall, the development and achievement of Suzhou’s sexy underwear fashion town is part of the development of the sex underwear industry.In the sexy underwear industry chain, the town through the establishment and expansion of the offline physical storefront, the industrial gathering area, and the deep integration of the online mall, comprehensively serving the needs of consumers’ sexy underwear, and the transformation of the transformation of culture and the entire industry chain transformation.At the same time, the scale and efficiency of the sex underwear industry are improved.With the in -depth development of the sexy underwear market in the future, the combination of online and offline combination will also become the mainstream of the sex underwear industry chain.