Taobao’s more popular sexy underwear model

Taobao’s more popular sexy underwear model


As people’s sexual concepts gradually open, sexy underwear is also favored by more and more people.On Taobao, some sexy underwear models have attracted much attention. Their body is hot, unique, and different ways of display. They have won the love and attention of many consumers.

Model 1: Flower Thousand Bone

The name is enough to be bluffed. She is one of the hottest sexy underwear models on Taobao.With long black hair, tall nose bridge and tall figure, and unique temperament, she stood out among many erotic underwear models.

Model 2: Yu Ji

Yu Ji is another sexy underwear model that is loved by Taobao consumers.Her body is plump and her chest is large, so many men and women dump them.Yu Ji is also good at integrating his sexy, style and temperament into each display, and presents the best sexy underwear for consumers in a stunning way.

Model 3: Xiaoyu Yina

Xiaoyu’s display mode is unique. She is not only standing in the show of sexy underwear while shooting photos and recording videos. She will also have some very funny performances, or she is completely naked and shows more self -confidence in the screen.And sexy.

Model 4: Angela

Angela’s beauty and figure make her one of the better sexy underwear models on Taobao.She also has very professional shooting skills, which will fully show the details of sexy underwear, so that consumers can better understand the feelings and effects of putting on their feelings and effects.

Model 5: Hanquan

Hanquan is a very sexy sexy underwear model. She often uses tight sex lingerie to show her figure and beautiful lines.In addition, she is also very bold, and sometimes she uses some camisole, lace and other elements to increase the appeal of sexy underwear.

Model 6: Evil King’s Eyes

The Evil King’s Eye is a sexy underwear model with oriental mysterious underwear.She is good at combining her temperament and fun underwear to show very well.She also has a lot of fancy shooting, which allows consumers to see different ways of display.

Model Seven: Happy Girl Young Women

The happy young woman is a very special sexy underwear model on Taobao.She not only shows the sexy sexy underwear, but also combines it with some healthy lifestyles, healthy diet, healthy body management, etc., allowing consumers to see the health concepts behind sexy underwear.

Model Eight: Mermaid

Does it sound related to the location of the shooting?In fact, the mermaid shows sexy underwear in a large fish tank taken under an underwater. She shows not only the sexy sexy underwear, but also a fantasy underwater world. This method is very novel.

Model Nine: Lili

Lily Ran’s display is a bit unusual. She customized her special fashion sexy underwear for herself, showing her personality, style and taste, so that consumers chose sexy underwear suitable for her in different styles.

Model ten: Star of temptation

This name is very seductive. Her display method is mainly sexy, but not just that.She will also use some exquisite dances and performances to form a complete situation, which makes people completely immersed in this charm.


These erotic underwear models show their own style, temperament and sexy. Most of them have presented very good sexy underwear for consumers, so that consumers have more imagination and experience when choosing.When choosing a sexy underwear, we should make the correct choice based on our figure characteristics, personality and needs, so that it can truly show our characteristics and advantages.

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