Target wants girlfriends to wear sexy underwear


This is not easy when a man wants to make his girlfriend wear fun underwear.The idea itself is controversial, because some people will think that this is an excessive, immoral or true gender prejudice.However, this is a completely normal wish that can be achieved through some different methods.This article will explore these methods and how to avoid possible obstacles.

Know your motivation

You need to think about your motivation before letting your girlfriend wear sexy underwear.Is it because you want to add sex to yourself?Or is it because you want to add sex to your partner?If the answer is the former, then you may need to think again.Let your girlfriend wearing a fun underwear should be a common decision, not unilateral demand.

Establish trust and open communication

Establishing trust and communication in sexual relations is very important.If your girlfriend does not trust you or believes in your love and respect for her, then she may not agree with wearing fun underwear.Therefore, you need to build a safe and open communication method to make her willing to share her thoughts and feelings, which will also make you better understand her bottom line.

Respect her will

If your girlfriend clearly states that you don’t want to wear a sexy underwear, you should respect her decision.Trying to force her to do nothing is immoral and immature.Make sure she knows her opinion is respected, and you will no longer continue to sell this idea.

Understand her preference

It is important to understand your girlfriend’s preference.She may not like the style or color of some sexy underwear.By understanding her taste and style, you can choose a sexy underwear suitable for her without making her feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for the occasion

You need to consider that you plan to wear sexy underwear.If you will spend a romantic night at home, the type and style may be different from you when you want to participate in a sexy party.When choosing a sexy underwear, remember the occasion, atmosphere and your girlfriend’s emotions.

Make up your mind to buy

If your girlfriend agrees to wear sexy underwear, then you need to make up your mind to buy.When buying, be sure to choose a reliable website or store to ensure that the product has quality assurance and the size.At the same time, remember your budget.

How to show the way of calling for sexy underwear

When you get the sexy underwear you want, you need to decide how to present it to your girlfriend.Do you want to show her first?Or plan to remove her clothes on a romantic night and let the sexy underwear be presented as a surprise?This is what you need to be measured objectively.

Don’t put too much pressure

Don’t think of sexy underwear as a stress test.Make sure your girlfriend feels comfortable and relaxed after wearing a sexy underwear.If she feels forced or uncomfortable, then this will not achieve any positive effects.


Wearing sex underwear is not just a personality, but a way to enhance the emotions of both sides, but also a way to express love and respect.However, remember that this is also a process that needs to be implemented carefully and cautiously.When deciding with your girlfriend, she needs to respect her decision, understand her needs and ideas, and ensure that she feels safe and comfortable.

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