Teacher to wear fun underwear novels

Paragraph 1: Meet the teacher

She is a sexy female teacher and is also called school flower.I think she is a bit indifferent, but it is elegant.She explained mathematical problems in front of the blackboard. Whenever she turned her head to look at us, the boys in the class looked directly at her.

Paragraph 2: accidental discovery

One day, I wandered on the street near the school and suddenly saw a sexy shop.Because of curiosity, I walked into the shop, and I didn’t expect to meet her there.She was watching fun underwear and looked very embarrassing.

Paragraph 3: Start trying

I took the opportunity to tease her and invited her to try a purple sexy underwear with me.At first, she refused, but my patience finally moved her.

Paragraph 4: Try effect

The moment she put on underwear, I could see her cheeks flushed slightly, and the blue tendons on her neck gradually appeared.She started to become unusual.I was surprised at the magic of underwear and made a lot of money.

Paragraph 5: The next plan

I started to give her various sexy underwear frequently and continued to invite her to try it together.She became more and more liberalized, and sometimes even asked to put on a new dress for me.

Paragraph 6: Change your heart

I found that she was gradually obsessed with sexy sexy underwear and began to wear sexy underwear often.She became more confident, beautiful, and sexy than before, but also gradually changed her heart.

Paragraph Seven: Freedom

I saw her with another man at the school gate, walking hands with hand, and she wore a sexy underwear I gave her again.My heartache is like a knife, I know where I was wrong.I just play with her, and she will leave me after all.Why is it uncomfortable when she is with others?

Paragraph 8: Close the scene

I finally woke up and realized that I had lost myself and had an unshirkable responsibility for her behavior.I stopped giving her a gift of sexy underwear and trying to let myself not touch this sad memory.

Paragraph 9: Growth

Later, I graduated and started my working life.Time slowly diluted memories, and I gradually grew into a man with responsible, and understood my responsibility.I no longer condone myself, but to take on my own life.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

This experience taught me a lot of things: courage, responsibility, self -control, growth.There is no problem with the item of sexy underwear itself. The problem is on me.In the end, I believe that everyone will grow up, face the mistakes they make, and grow from it.Just like sexy underwear, it can light up some corners in life, but must be treated with caution to avoid hurting yourself and others.

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