The earliest sexy underwear show in Europe

The earliest sexy underwear show in Europe

Background introduction

Interest underwear originated in the 1970s and only became popular in Europe after 20 years.In 1988, the French Maison Close held the earliest sexy underwear show in Europe, becoming a hot spot in the fashion circle.

Theme style

Unlike traditional fashion shows, the sexy lingerie show is mainly sexy and teasing.The sexy design and style allow the models to put on underwear and show a very perfect figure on the runway.

Venue atmosphere

The venue layout of Maison Close’s sex underwear show is mainly black. The color is simple and high -profile, the candlelight and flowers are embellished, the decoration is luxurious and romantic.

Fashion Design

Each detail is carefully designed from shirts, straps, toys, toys to stockings, lace embellishment.In such a clothing display environment, sexy underwear has become a fashion representative and attracted the attention of many guests.

Show music

Music has always been an indispensable part of the MAISON CLOSE sexy underwear show.The show music is inspired by a variety of styles such as art, rock and bar music, creating a mysterious and sexy atmosphere for the entire show.


On the sexy underwear show, the makeup and shape of the model are also very important.Fashionable makeup and sexy shapes make the models the focus of glorious people.

Sense of fashion

Maison Close’s sexy underwear show broke the traditional fashion show model and perfectly integrates sexy and fashionable.This new show model has opened up a new form of fashion and shows the important position of sexy underwear in the fashion industry.

Cultural influence

The spirit of Maison Close’s sexy lingerie show has promoted the development of the sexy underwear industry.Until now, sexy underwear has become a necessity for fashion and life.

market expectation

With the slow acceptance of the public, the sex underwear market has more and more market development prospects.


The earliest sexy underwear show brought new trends to the fashion industry.It has made sexy women’s underwear so perfect and with a strong European -style artistic atmosphere, redefining the status and connotation of underwear.Since then, sexy underwear has always been an important part of fashion, and the erotic underwear show has also become a aspect that cannot be ignored in the fashion industry.

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