The female lead wears sexy underwear through


Women can show their vivid and colorful appearance when wearing fun underwear, but this kind of wear will be considered inappropriate or lack of beauty in some occasions.But what will happen if women wear sexy lingerie to another time and space?The following will tell you the story of a female lead wearing a sexy underwear to cross.

Chapter 1: Put on sexy underwear and come to the future

The heroine wore a gentle and enchanting erotic underwear, with a white gauze ribbon tied to her waist, and suddenly crossed to the future world.Because of her careful sexy underwear, she attracted people’s attention, and people expressed curiosity and envy about this unusual woman.

Chapter 2: Fashionable matching of sexy underwear

The heroine learned in this future world that in the future society, wearing sexy underwear has become a part of fashion. Interest underwear and suit and small dresses are matched with each other to create a different fashion charm.

Chapter 3: sexy charm of sexy underwear

In this future world, the heroine also sees more wonderful scenes worn by women. Exquisite sexy underwear deeply reflects the sexy charm of women.Their slender figure and sexy sexy underwear have been recognized by more people in the future society.

Chapter 4: tailor -made sexy underwear

The heroine was surprised to find that in the future society, all sexy underwear was tailored by the computer, and each one was unique.This innovation makes the sexy underwear industry more personalized, so that every woman can find their own unique style.

Chapter 5: The beauty effect of sexy underwear

The heroine learns that the future sexy underwear can not only show the beauty of women, but also bring a perfect figure and a healthy life to women.The special materials made in sexy underwear have functions such as softness, sweat absorption, breathable, and body, so that women’s figure can be better taken care of.

Chapter 6: Scientific and technological innovation of sexy underwear

The heroine discovered that the future sexy underwear has allowed technology to empower, including biometric technology, wearable equipment, intelligent hardware, etc., which not only significantly improves the quality of sexy underwear, but also makes these sexy underwear more intelligent and humanizedAnd intimate.

Chapter 7: The human emotions of sexy underwear

The heroine recognizes that the fun underwear is one of the important ways to express human emotions in the past, now, or future.Especially in the future society, sexy underwear is not limited to design and wear, but also the inheritance of human emotions and culture.

Chapter 8: Infinite possibilities of sexy underwear

The hostess seeks the appearance of the sexy underwear in this future world, and treats the fun underwear itself as a development phenomenon. If it can move to unlimited, the future of sex underwear will become more exciting and diverse, and no one loves it.


The hostess seriously considers the relationship between sexy underwear and future society, and comes to the conclusion that "the beauty of sexy underwear is infinitely". The erotic underwear not only shows the beauty of women, but also empowers technology and brings to women’s lives.More advocates and care.Future sexy underwear will become more full of possibilities.

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