The first time wearing sex underwear experience

My first story of wearing a fun underwear

Many women have tried to wear sexy underwear, including me.I still remember the experience of wearing a sexy underwear for the first time, it really made me a little shy, but I was also very excited.Below, I will share my stories of wearing sexy underwear to help women who are trying to try sexy underwear.

Finding the inspiration of sexy underwear

For the first time, I noticed that the sexy underwear was a girl friend through my girl.When we carried out a event, she wore a set of sexy sexy underwear, as if it became the focus of the party.Since then, I have started collecting knowledge about sexy underwear and starting to think about it.

Buy my first set of sexy underwear

When I was going to buy my first set of sexy underwear, I was a little confused.I’m not sure what color, style and size should I choose.By talking with the salesperson, I finally chose a set of black lace sexy underwear.

The comfort you feel

After putting on sexy underwear, I feel very confident and sexy.And the lace material is very soft and comfortable, and it will not make the body feel uncomfortable or tightened.There is no doubt that I am very satisfied with my choice.

Experience the problem of not matching the size

Size is a very important problem, but I did not think about it from my heart when I bought sex underwear for the first time.Although my underwear can be worn normally, I later found that the size I chose was too small.As a result, I felt some skin and tightness.When you buy sexy underwear, please pay attention to the size selection.

Capture the timing and method of the taste of partner

Generally speaking, when wearing a sexy underwear, it is to make yourself feel comfortable and confident without having to fully cater to the taste of the partner.Of course, you can also choose a sexy underwear that you and your partners like at specific nights, such as a romantic night.Whenever you can force yourself to put on the sexy underwear you don’t like, this will affect your wear experience.

Explore more sexy underwear types and styles

You can explore the types and styles of more sexy underwear to understand what your body and personality is suitable for you.Sexy erotic underwear, hot sexy underwear, and various styles of European and American style of sexy lingerie, etc., can make you have more choices.Different erotic underwear can also adapt to different occasions.

Sexy underwear also requires care

It is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear, but you need to ensure their maintenance and care.According to the material and style of sexy underwear, you need to take different cleaning methods.Do not use any bleaching water or powerful cleaner, which will cause your sexy underwear to shrink or deform.Following the cleaning instructions on the guidance form, this is the best way to maintain the best state of sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear is essential in each woman’s underwear drawer

Sex underwear is one of the essential styles in each woman underwear drawer.From comfort, sexy, adaptive occasions, sex underwear is an indispensable choice.Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them and ensure that they get appropriate care and maintenance to ensure their best state and long -lasting use.

in conclusion

Wearing sex underwear is an interesting experience, and it can also help you increase confidence and sexy.Choose the style and size that suits you, pay attention to care, and sexy underwear can also become one of the essential styles in your underwear drawer.

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