The fun underwear bought by the star

The fun underwear bought by the star

As we all know, stars are always a fashion model for many people. They not only bring us guidance in clothes, but also become our revelation with their lifestyle and taste.In terms of sexy underwear, many stars are wearing it, and they also have their own taste and aesthetics for this field.In the following article, we will introduce the type of sexy underwear of several stars.

1. Beyoncé’s leather underwear

Beyoncé is a very sexy and confident woman, so her sexy underwear choices are also very confident.She often appears in public places in leather underwear, which can enhance her sexy and self -confidence.She likes deep V and striped design, which can make her figure more prominent.

2. Lady Gaga’s lace underwear

Lady Gaga has always been a very unique figure, so her sexy underwear choices are also unique.She likes to have lace and lace underwear, which can make her image softer.At the same time, she also likes many different colors of underwear, which can show her colorful character.

3. Kim Kardashian’s tight underwear

Kim Kardashian is a very attractive and confident woman, so she often wear tight sexy underwear and highlight her figure curve.She loves camisole underwear and wearing jewelry and other accessories to make her more outstanding in the crowd.

4. Rita Ora’s transparent underwear

Rita Ora is a very full energy and confidence, so the sexy underwear she chose is also very personal.She likes transparent lace underwear, which makes her figure more perfect and makes people unable to look away.

5. Rihanna’s half cup of underwear

As a star with a strong personality, Rihanna’s sexy lingerie dress also reflects her character.She likes half a cup of underwear, so that her chest can look fuller, and also beautify her body proportion.

6. Katy Perry’s rainbow underwear

Katy Perry has always been a very colorful character, so the sexy underwear she chose is also rich in color.She often wore rainbow -colored underwear to express her colorful character and bring some childish elements.

7. Kylie Jenner’s retro underwear

Kylie Jenner is a very fashionable and aesthetic character, so her sexual underwear choices are also very sophisticated.She likes retro -style underwear, with elements with retro stockings and suspenders, which can make her more sexy and charming.


Taylor Swift is a very cute and sweet star, so the sexy underwear she chose also reflects this characteristic.She likes to set up a lace stockings, which can show her slender figure and cute personality.

9. Jennifer Lopez’s beam underwear

Jennifer Lopez is a very powerful and confident woman, so she likes to wear a beam of underwear to highlight her figure and beautiful legs.She also likes to wear ultra -short hot pants and high -heeled shoes to make her body line more attractive.

10. Selena Gomez’s perspective underwear

Selena Gomez has been regarded as a sexy and charming woman, so she chose to wear see -through underwear and show her figure score and curve to the fullest.The perspective design allows her to have a hint of mystery and attractiveness in wearing.

in conclusion

Although everyone has their own taste, it can be seen that most stars appear very confident and unique in the choice of sexy underwear.Whether it is deep V, stripes, or lace or lace, everyone has their own style and characteristics.In the end, the key is to choose styles and colors. It is best to suitable for your personality and figure, so that you look more sexy and confident.

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