The latest sex lingerie AV number number

The latest sex lingerie AV number number


In recent years, as a sexual tool for sex underwear, it has attracted more and more attention from more and more people. Therefore, many related AV numbers have appeared.These AV numbers can not only bring people more sexual experience and stimulation, but also satisfy people’s curiosity and desire to explore.

AV number introduction

The AV number is referred to as the "Fan Number", which is a combination of numbers and letters for adult pornographic films.In a AV film, whether it is the name of the actor or the sign of the production company, it may be fake or inaccurate, but the number is certain and unique.

Sexy underwear AV number type

In the field of sexy underwear, the AV number type is very rich, including but not limited to the following:

-S: SM: SM sex underwear category is expressed by S.

-Human beast: The sexy underwear category of human beast scene is represented by ZOO, Animal, DOG and other words;

-C collective sex: The sexy underwear categories involved in multiple people are represented by SOD, SDNM, FUFU and other words;

-Ado teachers: The sexy underwear categories of role -playing, mostly represented by TUTOR, Teacher, College, Youth and other words;

-It simulation rape: Falling underwear categories mainly simulated rape scenes, mostly represented by Silk, Sony, TMA and other words.

The latest sex lingerie AV number recommendation

Here are some of the latest sexy underwear AV numbers recommendation:

-ABP-123: Uniform beautiful girl temptation record;

-Ipx-432: I did a lot of things with the beautiful girl who lived alone;

-Sis-945: The milk album of the big milk S-class actress;

-Se-204: Super beautiful teacher.

How to find sex lingerie AV number

If you want to find your favorite sexy underwear AV number, the following channels can help you:

-Find it in the movie area of adult products;

-Search on the porn website;

-Add the recommendation of related groups on social platforms.

Risk and taboos

Although the sexy underwear AV number can bring unlimited fun to people, there are certain risks and taboos.For example:

-Stida for minors and people who are dissatisfied with the legal age.

-Do sharing the fun underwear av number publicly, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble;

-Pay attention to protect personal privacy and don’t watch it without security.

by law

According to relevant laws and regulations, the sexy underwear AV number can only be sold in adult areas, without laws and regulations, and prohibit private communication and sharing.Watching the AV number is not illegal, but the behavior of illegal dissemination or transmission will be identified as infringement.


Correctly recognizing the sexy lingerie AV number, legal, healthy, and civilized viewing can satisfy people’s spirit and physiological desires, and can also enhance emotional communication and communication between couples. However, we need to pay attention to safety and personal privacy during the viewing process.

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