The minimum erotic underwear

What is the most sexy underwear with the least fabric?

The least sexy underwear with the least fabric is a type of sexy underwear with the smallest fabric area and the smallest fabric area.This underwear can show a beautiful curve of women, bringing unprecedented sexy and charming to the wearer.At the same time, due to the small fabric area, it is also very convenient to wear, and has the flexibility of use.

Mesh underwear

Net -eye underwear is a kind of fabricity of the minimum erotic underwear. Its main feature is that it is made of mesh, which is visually open and exposed to the body.

The fabric of the mesh underwear is relatively thin, and it is made of good breathability. It is particularly comfortable to wear in hot summer.

Stockings set

Stockings suits are sexy underwear, which can show the body curve and women’s unique temperament well.It is mainly composed of two parts.The silk fabric is light and soft, especially after using the materials such as lace and other materials, it can better show the sexy and soft beauty of women.

Transparent underwear

Transparent underwear is a sexy underwear made of light and transparent material.There is no obstruction in the entire fabric of this underwear, and even the bottom area of the bray cup and panties is made into a transparent design.In this way, it can truly present the sexy body curve and delicate texture of the wearer, which greatly increases the sexy temperament of the wearer.

Back underwear

Dewood underwear is one of the lingerie that most women like. Different from other underwear, exposed underwear allows women to open sexy back skin, showing the amazing temperament different from other women.This kind of underwear is mostly used with good breathability. Generally speaking, it is transparent or tulle fabric, making women more comfortable to wear.

Milk sticker

Milk stickers are underwear design that does not require bra, which is composed of a self -paste piece and milk sticker electrode.The shape of the milk sticker is very small and can be pasted on the nipple to cover the sensitive area of the chest, which can be exempted from the discomfort of the traditional underwear. It is a more free way to dress.

Tulle underwear

Type underwear is a sexy underwear made of extremely thin and soft tulle materials.The characteristics of this underwear are a bit similar to that of transparent underwear. The difference is that its fabric is not only transparent, but also uses more softer and breathable materials, which is more personal.It is more attractive in visual effects and is definitely a must -have sexy underwear in summer.


Corset is a sexy underwear specifically used to wrap the breast.It has the least fabric area and only needs to cover the chest.The design of this kind of sexy underwear is slightly different from the traditional bra. Unique design can better shape women’s milk and lines, which is a must -have for women to dress.


Through pants are one of the least -cut erotic underwear.This underwear is designed with a simple butycular shape. The two fabrics in front of the pants are stitched together. The lines on both sides are close to the hips, and they have a visual sexy effect.The design of the thong is simple and comfortable to wear. It is the best sexy underwear choice when the temperature is the highest in summer.

Hollow underwear

Hollow underwear is a small fabric area of sexy underwear.The difference between it and his interesting underwear is to use a variety of different hollow design to create a more complex shape, which can show the beauty of women’s slender curves.In addition, the repeated screening materials are not only softer and translucent, but also have a good personality.

Comprehensive erotic underwear

Comprehensive sexy underwear refers to the rich and complex underwear in design.The perfect combination of complex designs and lace and other materials, especially the hollow design of the waist and belly parts, can meet most women’s needs for sexy temperament.The small design between the hips and the waist can achieve amazing visual effects different from traditional underwear.


There are many types of fabrics in fabrics, and each sex underwear has different characteristics and designs.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make women better show self -confidence and sexy temperament, and show their charm more freely.

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