The president wants me to wear sexy underwear


As a sexy underwear expert, I often receive a lot of questions about sexy underwear and style selection.But today, I received a little special problem -the president asked me to wear sexy underwear.So I decided to write an article to explore this topic.

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a sexy and teasing underwear.It is usually made of transparent, lace texture, with diverse styles, such as suspenders, hollow, split, restraint, etc.The design of sexy underwear is to improve the sexual attraction and self -confidence of the wearer.

Why do the president want me to wear sexy underwear

Wearing sex underwear is a very private experience, which may make people feel a little uncomfortable.In the final analysis, the president wants you to wear a sexy underwear, which may be due to the following considerations:

Want to improve your self -confidence and charm

Want to improve your intimate relationship and sex life

Want to experience a special sexy feeling

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for me

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.People of different body, temperament and personality are suitable for different styles.The following are several common sexy lingerie styles:

Lace conjoined pantyhose

Three -point sexy underwear

Chest sticker


Different erotic lingerie styles have different wearing effects and experiences.If you are not sure which style you are suitable for, it is recommended to try it on in a professional sexy lid store.

How to choose love underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, the following factors need to be considered:

Fabric: breathable and comfortable fabric is a necessary condition

Size: The size must be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the wear effect

Style: style must be suitable for body and temperament

Budget: The price of sexy underwear is very different. You need to consider your own budget

Brand: Brand quality and credibility are also factors that need to be considered

How to match sexy underwear

The matching of sexy underwear needs to be considered the style and color of the clothes.The following kinds of fun underwear matching suggestions can be used for reference:

Black color sex lingerie + white shirt + black high heel

Red color sex lingerie + black stockings + high heels

Transparent sexy underwear + tight skirt/shorts + high heels

When matched with sexy underwear, you should pay attention to the overall matching and sexy effect. If it is well matched, it will make you more charming.

How to wear sexy underwear

Wearing a good underwear can not only improve sexuality, but also make people feel happy and confident.Here are some precautions to wear sexy underwear:

Practice at home: You can practice several times before wearing sexy underwear, and find the best way to wear

Natural and relaxed posture: Maintain a natural and relaxed posture when wearing sexy lingerie, don’t stiff

Share with sexual partners: Share your sexy underwear with sexual partners, invite him to watch and participate

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear is the same as other clothes and needs to be maintained.The following are some suggestions:

Hand washing: Hand washing is the safest cleaning method of sexy underwear

Avoid excessive cleaning: Too frequent cleaning will cause fabric deformation and fading

Storage: When storing, the sexy underwear should be placed in a dry and cool place

in conclusion

The president wants you to wear fun underwear, it may be for various considerations.Choosing a sexy underwear that is suitable for you and properly matched it can improve your confidence and charm and increase your intimate relationship with your sexual partner.However, wearing sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to maintenance and wear to ensure the life of the clothes and the effect of wearing.Whether it is to satisfy the expectations of others or self -respect, wearing sex underwear should be a pleasant experience.

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