The school requires that the school uniform is sexy underwear

The school requires that school uniforms have caused controversy for sexy underwear

Recently, it is reported that a school requires school uniforms to be sexy underwear, which has caused widespread controversy.The attitude of all parties for school uniforms for sex underwear is different, and there are divergent opinions.

Supporters believe that sexy underwear can enhance self -confidence

Supporters believe that wearing sexy erotic underwear can help enhance girls’ self -confidence and can also promote the mental health of boys.Putting in sexy underwear in school is not only in line with fashion trends, but also can increase the fun of campus life.

Opponents are worried about campus morality

Opponents are worried that schools require sexy underwear as school uniforms to increase the burden on campus morality, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of students.Wearing too exposed erotic underwear may cause misunderstandings and unnecessary speculation between teachers and students, and even affect the trust relationship between teachers and students.

Interest underwear is not conducive to classroom teaching

At the same time, there are some common points between supporting and opposition views.For example, sexy underwear is not conducive to classroom teaching, which will affect the teaching interaction between teachers and students.For students, excessive attention will be decentralized and decentralized to learn the attention, affecting academic performance.

Whether the school has the right to require sexy underwear as school uniforms

In addition, some people have questioned whether the school has the right to ask students to wear sexy underwear as a school uniform, and whether this approach is suspected of violating relevant laws and regulations.Although each school has its own school rules and school discipline, it is required to discuss and study whether students’ over -exposed clothing such as sexy underwear is allowed to be allowed by the law.

Should sex education and sexy underwear be confused

Some people have also suggested that although sex education is necessary, it is required to wear sexy underwear as a school uniform.Sexual education should be a scientific and standardized professional education, and should not be confused with the topical topics such as sexy underwear.

How to balance campus culture and school style construction

The school’s demand for school uniforms for sexy underwear reflects the diversity of campus culture and the complexity of school style construction.How to balance the contradiction between campus culture and school style construction is a topic that needs to be discussed in depth.

Carry out investigation and discussion in combination with actual situation

Here, we call on experts, educators, and parents of teachers and students to conduct in -depth investigations and discussions based on the current actual situation.Only on the basis of full discussion and research can we form a scientific and reasonable campus culture and school style construction plan to provide a better educational environment for schools and students.


In short, the school’s request for school uniforms to cause widespread concern and discussion for sex underwear.Regardless of whether or not, we should look at this issue with a more rational attitude, take into account the physical and mental health of students, the actual needs of education and teaching, and the overall significance of campus culture.

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