The strange and sexy underwear picked by her boyfriend

Boyfriend’s experience of buying strange and sexy underwear

One weekend afternoon, my boyfriend suddenly decided to surprise me.My mood became a little excited instantly.I thought it would be some bouquets or a romantic dinner, but he took me to the sex underwear shop.

I am a little embarrassed but looking forward to the shop in the store.But what I didn’t expect was that he chose some very strange sexy underwear.

Qi Qi underwear one: glittering underwear

My boyfriend took me into the store. The first thing that surprised me was a glittering underwear.This underwear uses silver materials and is embedded in some patterns with gem drills.This makes me feel very embarrassed because I have never tried such a strange panties.

Wonderful underwear two: transparent lace bra

Next is a transparent lace bra selected by the boyfriend.This is a completely transparent bra, without lines and obstruction.My boyfriend thinks that this is more sexy, but I personally do not accept this fully transparent design.Still too strange.

Wonderful underwear three: sexy underwear on Douyin hot selling

My boyfriend likes to watch Douyin very much. I already know this.In the store, he found some fiery sexy underwear on Douyin, including some three -point underwear and other strange designs.But this time, I have begun to realize that his taste is not the same as me …

Qi Qi underwear four: milk stickers

I think the most amazing underwear chosen by my boyfriend is a milk sticker. This design is only attached to the nipples, and there is no cup and shoulder strap. It can only cover the nipple part.Although this makes my boyfriend feel that this underwear is very sexy, it is too charming for me.

Wonderful underwear five: sexy tights

My boyfriend loves a zipper -like sexy tights very much. This underwear is very slim and emphasizes the waistline and body curve.Under this underwear, my figure looks very charming.But the lights in the store looked a little bright, and I was a little embarrassed to put on it.

Wonderful underwear 6: Sexy leather clothes

My boyfriend chose a black sexy leather jacket, and even with detailed velvet ornaments.This design seems to be more suitable for Halloween gathering, not my daily wear.

Qi Qi underwear Seven: Open underwear

The strange underwear selected by my boyfriend was a stall underwear.This means that the underwear is open in the crotch and is very sexy.However, I personally think that such a design is not very practical and it is difficult to go out.

my point of view

My boyfriend’s sexy underwear really surprised me.Although some I can’t even wear it, trying new things is also a good experience.Everyone’s taste is different, but it is the most important thing to find one suitable for them.I hope that every girl can find a sexy underwear that suits them, not just to make choices just to cater to the taste of her boyfriend.

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