The style of sex underwear is high


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern urban life.With the continuous development of social and culture and the gradual opening up of sexual concepts, sexy has become one of the synonym for modern fashion.As a sexy representative, sexy underwear has also won extremely high sales in the market.So, which of the most sales of sexy underwear?

1. Lace erotic underwear:

With its soft texture and unique lace design, lace sexy underwear has become one of the most popular sexy underwear in the market.The most representative style is a lace breast suit, and there are also various types such as lace night skirts, lace camisrets, lace socks sleeves.

2. Speak sex underwear:

The split sex underwear is a very tempting design. The charm is that it cuts the upper and lower identities into two parts, which shows the effect of highlighting the waist.Most split sexy underwear has the form of a nightdress and autumn pants, but the design of the separation of pants has gradually become a market trend.

3. Interesting hips:

The buttocks and sexy underwear are a tight and high -waisted design, which emphasizes the beautiful and sexy lines of the hips.This underwear has a large number of styles and items, including thongs, jackets, lace T 这 and other types.

4, uniform erotic underwear:

Uniform sex underwear is the design of incorporating professional uniforms into sexy underwear, focusing on the characteristics of women’s profession, and this kind of sexy underwear design is diversified.The most representative uniforms include flight attendants, nurses, police and other types of uniforms.

5. Net socks erotic underwear:

Net socks sex underwear is a simple and practical style, commonly in other styles of accessories.This underwear is very high because it can be freely matched with other styles, especially in summer to wear more comfortable, sexy and make women look thinner and fashionable.

6. Set sexy underwear:

Set sexy underwear is a single underwear single product, which is mostly conjoined or irregularly designed.A complete sexy underwear suit allows women to show sexy beauty more perfectly. For many women who want to simplify wearing difficulties, it is a good choice.

7. Waist -oriented sexy underwear:

Waist -oriented underwear is a very individual line design. It combines the chain and waist seal of the bras and hips to form a sexy and unique decorative line, which is suitable for the matching of wrapped clothing or mini skirts.

8. Stomato sexy underwear:

The stomach is a very explicit design. It emphasizes the sexy factors of the chest and abdomen and placed it in front of people’s sight.Although this design is not very practical, it has a very high personalized and distinctive sense of fashion.


Generally speaking, the sales volume in the sexy underwear market is not absolutely the highest. These high -sales styles have won the hearts of consumers with their own characteristics.Therefore, when choosing a sexy lingerie style, you need to make a choice based on your temperament and personality to make it maximize your sexy beauty.

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