There is no pictures of how to make underwear

There is no pictures of how to make underwear

When you want to try fresh sexy underwear, but you can try the following methods when you have no suitable style or not to buy, DIY has a satisfactory erotic underwear.

1. Choice of creative DIY material

You can have some materials in your hands. They are not necessarily sexy underwear materials, but they can be used to make sexy underwear.For example, transparent swimsuits, stockings, transparent flared pants, important thing is that you must choose their most suitable size and material.

2. Use existing clothes DIY

You can also use your existing clothes and underwear. For example, you can use idle swimsuits, stockings, top -level inflatable molds to form sexy jackets, stockings skirts, lace bra, etc.Essence

3. DIY -based skills creation

Creation based on DIY skills can help you turn a simple item into a more charming sexy underwear.For example, you can add lace or pearls to your clothes, or add transparent tulle on underwear.

4. Use good color

Whether it is frank or delicate, color is one of the most important elements in sexy underwear.To choose the color that emphasizes the body line and is suitable for skin color, it will make you more enchanting and beautiful.

5. Add shoulder straps

Make simple bras more sexy can be implemented by adding shoulders.Make the shoulder strap like a chest belt sexy, just choose some softer and more comfortable materials.

6. Bold exposure

It is an important element of some parts of the body’s some parts of the body.This can not only emphasize the body’s lines, but also strengthen sexy charm.For example, you can use the top -level inflatable molds on the back and shoulders to make a fun shirt.

7. Size adjustment

Size adjustment can make it more suitable for your body, which can also be achieved by narrowing or tightening clothes, loose bands, etc.

8. Keep your skin condition

Another main element of sexy underwear is the skin, and there are several ways to keep the skin in a good state.The first is to keep skin moisturizing with skin care products or essential oils after shower. Traditional nuts, red wine, and asparagus are also delicious foods that can improve skin.

The above is several methods of DIY sexy underwear. I hope you will make some unique sexy underwear from your own wardrobe.However, there is a certain risk of DIY sexy underwear, so you must consider the actual situation when choosing and carry it carefully.The most important thing is to show your charm confidently when wearing sexy underwear, which is the most important way to show sexy.

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