Turn to a boyfriend to watch sexy underwear

Boyfriend watching sexy jelly

When I turned to my boyfriend’s sexy underwear, I was suddenly surprised and disturbed.What should I deal with this situation?Here are my thinking and suggestions.

Cold and rational thinking first

Don’t panic when you find that your boyfriend has seen your sexy underwear.First of all, think calmly and rationally: How big is this problem?It may be just a small misunderstanding or unintentional souvenir.Don’t start a lot of noise right away, otherwise it will destroy your relationship.

Fragrance with her boyfriend

When you encounter such a situation, you should bravely admit your discovery and ask him to explain.Don’t point him to him, you should listen to his explanation with an open mind.At this time, trusting each other is important.


It is also important to explore why your boyfriend will look at your erotic underwear.This may be because he is so curious, or for other purposes, such as to choose gifts for you.During the inquiry, don’t have too much prejudice and guess, listen to his answer with an open mind.

Express your feelings

Regardless of the reason, you need to express your feelings.If you feel very confused and worried, don’t hesitate to tell your boyfriend your boyfriend.

Understand the attitude of her boyfriend

In addition to knowing why your boyfriend looks at your erotic underwear, you should also understand his attitude towards the matter.If he feels guilty, then this behavior will stop quickly.If he doesn’t understand your feelings, then you may need to communicate deeper.

Look at the attitude of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a private item in the eyes of many people.However, they are actually an incarnation that can increase sexual interest, so they can be viewed from a positive perspective.

Frankly talk about the concept of sex

When dealing with such problems, you can also talk to your boyfriend frankly about your sexual concepts.This may trigger a very meaningful discussion and improve each other’s understanding and understanding.

Protect personal privacy

Another important issue is your personal privacy.Does your boyfriend have the right to view your sexy underwear?This requires you to discuss together.Make sure your privacy is protected and establish your own bottom line.

Respect each other’s choice

Finally, whether you or your boyfriend, you need to respect each other’s choices.You have no obligation to question your boyfriend’s behavior one by one, and your boyfriend also needs to respect your choice.


On the issue of turning over the sexy underwear that has been seen by my boyfriend, I think that establishing mutual trust, frankness to express their feelings, understanding the attitude of each other, protecting personal privacy, respecting each other’s choices, etc. are very important.By establishing full trust and understanding, you and your boyfriend can better deal with such problems and have a better relationship.

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