Unwilling sexy underwear

1. Hollow sexy underwear

Honesty sexy underwear is a more popular design, but be careful when buying.Some bad merchants will create poorly -quality hollow underwear and sell at lower prices. In this case, the support effect of underwear on the body is not good, which may cause damage to the body.

2. Sexical underwear with poor material

Poor materials may not be comfortable, and even cause skin allergies.Some sexy underwear made of cheap materials may have a negative impact on health.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the quality of the material and buy a brand with high credibility.

3. Interesting underwear with hidden safety hazards in accessories

Some erotic underwear may have hidden safety hazards in design details, such as too small buttons, easy to fall off, risk of damage in zipper, etc. These problems may affect security.When buying sexy underwear, you must carefully check and choose a guaranteed brand product to avoid risks when using.

4. Insufficient sexy underwear

Inappropriate sexy underwear is very common. If wearing is not suitable, it will not only reduce the comfort, but also may affect the aesthetic effect.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the size problem and choose the right product for your body size.

5. The styles of sexy underwear that is not suitable for your body

There are many types of sexy underwear, and different styles are suitable for different people.Some inappropriate erotic underwear may produce unsightly visual effects. Therefore, when buying, you must choose the style of sexy underwear for your own figure.

6. Printing and other designs are too picky sexy underwear

Some of the more discerning designs such as printing underwear may affect the effect of the viewing, or there may be quality problems.When buying, it is recommended to choose a simple and generous sexy lingerie style, which is more secure and comfortable, and it is easier to wear and match different clothing.

7. Augmentation or tight sexy underwear

A breast augmentation or tight sexy underwear may have adverse effects on the body, it is easy to cause physical discomfort, and there may be hidden safety hazards.When buying, you must pay attention to the design details of the sexy underwear and use the material, and try to avoid choosing too tight underwear.

8. Too exposed sexy underwear

Too exposed erotic underwear not only affects visual effects, but also easily leads to improper sexual hints and caught the attention of others.When buying, it is recommended to choose a relatively conservative style, so that it can take into account both visual effects and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

9. Sexy underwear that is not easy to clean

Some sexy underwear uses more loose and difficult to clean materials, so that after use, it may constitute hidden dangers of hygiene.In order to avoid such problems, it is recommended to choose products that are easy to clean when buying sexy underwear.

10. Sexy lingerie with heavy smell

Some erotic underwear may use more exciting chemicals, resulting in a heavy smell, which may have a adverse effect on the body.When buying, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with good reputation and reliable quality to ensure safe wear.

Viewpoint: When buying sexy underwear, in addition to focusing on the appearance and style, you also need to pay attention to the quality and safety of the underwear itself.Only by choosing a reliable brand, under the correct use can we give full play to the beautiful value of sexy underwear, and at the same time, it will not cause harm to the body.

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