Use the real experience of sex underwear

My sexy underwear started journey

I have always had some curiosity about sexy underwear, but I have never dared to try it.However, when I first came in close contact, I started my exploration of sexy underwear.

First attempt

I chose a pair of sexy thong as my first attempt.It is comfortable but sexy, making me feel very special.This is a very different experience that makes me feel very confident.

Misunderstanding about sexy underwear

In the past, I thought that sexy underwear just made people feel sexy, but I found that in addition, it can also enhance the intimacy and emotional connection between people.This significance is much more important than the superficial sexy.

Beautiful material

I am deeply fascinated by the beautiful materials of sexy underwear.These materials include silk, lace and cotton.They are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. This is what I admire very much.

Emphasize the beauty of the body

The design of sexy underwear emphasizes the beauty and lines of the body.When you put on it, you seem to be more confident.This self -confidence is uncomfortable to be stimulated by other underwear forms.

Selection of sex underwear

For the choice of sexy underwear, I recommend choosing the degree of comfort and self -confidence, rather than selecting the design of illusion out of thin air.Falling underwear should make it for wearers to make them feel like a sexy queen.

Interesting underwear is not to satisfy others’ desires

Some people may think that the significance of sexy underwear is to satisfy the desire of companions and partners, but I think the meaning of sexy underwear is to make you feel more confident and stronger.

Make sex underwear a part of life

For those who are still shy or lacking security, I recommend choosing to integrate sexy underwear into their daily life.You can start with a comfortable bra or a sexy pajamas, and then gradually start exploring a more unique design.

Share sexy experience

I used to let my partner put on some sexy underwear and let them understand my sexy lingerie journey. This method enhances our intimacy and communication.This sharing experience is not only spiritual, but also sometimes very interesting.

My sexy underwear future journey

As a sexy underwear enthusiast, I will continue my exploration journey.I will look for more comfortable and beautiful materials and designs, and try to integrate sexy underwear into my own daily life.

My conclusion

Interest underwear is not only a piece of underwear used on Valentine’s Day. It is a clothing that can enhance your confidence and enhance your intimacy between you and your partner.Choose this kind of clothing to choose the degree of comfort and confidence that suits you, which will better consistent with your personality and your style.

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