Vacuum sex lingerie beauty map

Vacuum sex lingerie beauty map

What is authentic and sexy jelly

Vacuum erotic underwear is a special type of sexy underwear that covers the entire body.Unlike other types of sexy underwear, it is characterized by tightness to the body and causes breathing difficulties, thereby enhancing stimuli.Vacuum erotic underwear is usually made of soft PVC materials, which has softness and retractability to adapt to different figures.

The design of a vacuum sexy underwear

The appearance of a vacuum erotic underwear is very unique, often composed of a series of small ropes, metal rings and other accessories.The length and location of the rope can create a variety of amazing appearance effects, so that it becomes a sex toy art.The design of vacuum sex lingerie is to present sexy and temptation, add more excitement and fun to sex life.

How to use vacuum sex underwear

Pay attention to the following points to use lively sexy underwear:

1. Select the right size correctly to ensure that it is close to the body and can breathe freely.

2. Make sure you have no heart and respiratory disease before use, and confirm that your physical condition is good.

3. Mild stimulation such as oral sex can be performed before use to reduce the discomfort caused by tight binding.

4. During the use process, if you feel bad breathing or physical discomfort, you should immediately take it off.

Precautions for vacuum erotic underwear

When using the lively fun underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Use only in good health.

2. Don’t wear it for a long time to avoid hindering breathing and blood circulation.

3. Do not wear long -term static or a lot of physical strength to avoid suffocation or other physical conditions.

4. Avoid contact with sharp items.

5. Appropriate cleaning should be performed after use to avoid sharing with others.

Applicable objects of vacuum sex lingerie

Vacuum erotic underwear is suitable for the following people:

1. People who like to adopt different sexual methods and challenge the limit.

2. Hope to enhance sexual stimuli, increase sexual fantasy and pleasant crowd.

3. People who pursue art and beauty.

Recommended brand of vacuum sex lingerie

Here are a few well -known lively sexy underwear brands:

1. Seebayle (Seebayle)

2. Secret Play (Secret Play)


4. Blackstyle (Blackstyle Germany) in Germany

The price of vacuum sex lingerie

The price of vacuum erotic lingerie is different according to the complexity of brands, materials and design.Some simpler models may only cost tens of yuan, while some high -end models take hundreds or thousands of yuan.

Purchase suggestion of vacuum sex lingerie

You should consider the following points before buying lively sexy underwear:

1. Make sure the size is selected correctly.

2. Consider your own health and avoid using models with too tight binding or breathing difficulties.

3. Choose credible brands to avoid buying fake and inferior goods.

4. Make sure that there is a complete after -sales service, you can get consultation and maintenance when needed.

in conclusion

Vacuum erotic underwear is a very exciting sex toy that can add more exciting and fun to sex life, but you need to pay attention to health and safety when using, and choose the right product and brand.I hope this article will help you, I wish you a happy play!

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