Video of sexy underwear production process


We all know that sexy underwear is a relatively private product, and the production process and material selection are very strict.Today, we will take you to understand the production process of love and fun underwear, let’s take a look.


The design of sexy underwear is very important. This requires designers to create follow -up design after understanding consumer demand.Designers will create sexy underwear templates suitable for different occasions, body shapes and needs in combination with a large number of market research and research on women’s body curves.

material selection

In terms of material selection, the first thing to consider is comfort, smooth touch and elastic fabrics are the most preferred by women.Most of the main fabrics of sexy underwear are silk, milk, lace, etc.

Fabric cutting

After the pressure and cutting of the material, the shape of the fabric will gradually take shape on the production line, exposing some privacy parts.Especially for some sexy sexy underwear, it is particularly important to fit the body curve and size.


Sewing is one of the most critical processes on the sex underwear production line.Exquisite sutures can make the obtained products more perfect.From this process, the size and proportion of each part must be accurate, otherwise the ideal effect will not be achieved.


The processing of the lining usually refers to the secondary processing of sexy underwear using various lining materials to achieve the purpose of increasing the agglomeration effect and improving the tensile strength.The lining must also be selected and customized according to styles and materials.


Accessories are very important for sexy underwear, because the matching of each accessory will directly affect sexy and comfort.Generally speaking, common accessories include shoulder straps, hook buckles, zippers, etc. The details of each accessory need to be considered comfort and aesthetics.

Flowing flower processing

Flower technology is one of the very important processing processes of sexy underwear. This can make underwear fabrics more textured and depth, thereby making underwear more capable and sexy.

Quality inspection and packaging

When all the processes are about to be completed, sexy underwear must be strictly inspected to ensure that every product is flawless.After that, the underwear will be packed for subsequent transportation, storage and sales.


The production process of each sex underwear is very complicated and fine, and every step from design to packaging needs to be extremely careful and maintaining attention.Only in this way can the comfort and sexuality of each sexy lingerie be guaranteed.

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