Wear sex underwear and boyfriend’s pop details

Wear sex underwear and boyfriend’s pop details

Interest underwear is a must -have in the private life of many men and women, especially in the intimate moment in bed.Putting on sex underwear can make girls feel more sexy, more confident, and also stimulate her boyfriend’s stronger sexual desire.So, what is the details of the sexy underwear and her boyfriend?Let’s take a look together.

How to choose love underwear?

First of all, you need to consider your body and personality in selecting sexy underwear. Wearing your favorite style can make yourself more relaxed and confident.Secondly, you need to pay attention to materials and styles. It is best to choose comfortable and elastic fabrics.In the end, try not to be super expensive, because sexy underwear will be used less during sleeping leave, and it may occur unexpectedly.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly?

Generally, sexy underwear is tighter than ordinary underwear, and you need to be careful when you wear it.First of all, grab the shoulder straps on both sides of the bra with both hands, put the shoulder strap on the shoulder, and then buckle forward.Then, the hands are put into the bray cup and the front buckle is turned on, and the other side is repeated.Finally, adjust the tightness and position of the shoulder strap.

How to show sexy?

How to show sexy after wearing sexy underwear?The first thing to pay attention to is posture and dance steps. You can practice some sexy dance movements and properly swing your hips and waist.In addition, you can use your eyebrows to express your emotions, adjust your expressions and eyes, and express your inner desires and emotions with gently body language.

How to guide her boyfriend?

Under the rendering of sexy underwear, her boyfriend’s desire will become stronger.How to guide his boyfriend to make him more pleasant and satisfied?First of all, you can use language to adjust the psychology of the other party, such as "I long for your body", "I really want to be with you", and so on.Secondly, you can use movement to express your body’s desire, such as licking the opponent’s earlobe or neck, or gently playing the body of the body with your tongue.

How to achieve orgasm?

Under the temptation of sexy underwear, the desire of both men and women will become more intense. How to achieve climax?First of all, you need to choose the right position, including the position of female superiority, paparazzi, etc. that can stimulate the position of sensitive areas.Secondly, you can use sex toys to increase sexual interest, such as vibration rods, orgasm stickers, prostate massage, etc.

How to maintain hygiene?

Interests of underwear and sex toys are private products, and they need to pay attention to hygiene issues.Clean disinfection before use. It is recommended to use professional disinfection agents or alcohol for disinfection. Do not use uncertain disinfection.In addition, cleaning is needed after each use to avoid breeding bacteria.

How to make sexy underwear more durable?

The fabrics and styles of sexy underwear are relatively special and need to pay special attention to maintenance.It is recommended to use neutral detergent to wash without rubbing hard to avoid damage fabrics and styles.In addition, high temperature exposure should be avoided when drying.

How to avoid the embarrassment of both sides?

Various problems occur during sex underwear and popping, such as unexpected tears and wind.Especially at the beginning, maybe the two parties have not fully adapted, and there will be some embarrassing situations.At this time, you can use humorous ways to relieve the embarrassing situation, such as jokes, ridicule, greetings, etc.


The key to wearing a sexy underwear and boyfriend is to pay attention to your physical and mental feelings, grasp your inner desire, and give the other party a sexy and charming feeling. At the same time, pay attention to safety, hygiene, maintenance and other issues to make your life moreBeautiful and sweet.

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