Wear sex underwear C to climax novels


Sexy underwear makes women more sexy and more attractive.Not only can increase self -confidence, but also bring a new sexual experience.This article will explore how wearing sexy underwear brings more pleasure, especially how to reach the climax of the orgasm by wearing sexy underwear.

Choose style with skills

Choosing a style is the key.If you want to reach a climax, you must first choose the right sexy underwear.Some styles are more suitable for orgasm, such as sexy bras, lace panties, suspenders, and sexual suspension.You should choose a style with a suitable body according to your body.

Wearing skills

There are also some skills to wear sexy underwear.First, we must ensure that the degree of fit and the body is as high as possible.Especially for sexy underwear, pay attention to adjust the position so that the breasts can get the best lifting and the best display effect.

Falling underwear matching

Wearing erotic underwear is not only wearing underwear, but also with other clothing.If you are equipped with high heels, or some soft sexy skirts, you will be more sexy and charming.

Romance and atmosphere creation

It is also important to create a romantic and sexy atmosphere when wearing sex underwear.You can use candlelight warm lights, soft music, aromatherapy and other methods to increase the taste and passion of the whole process.

Gently touch

After fitting, you can gently touch yourself and your partner.You can touch the whole body with your fingers or uniform massage oil. At the same time, you can use breathing to strengthen feelings to improve the vibration frequency of sensation.

Pleasure of tongue

You can use your tongue and freely linger on your partner.Licking and sucking the body’s sensitive part with lips and teeth can bring a new feeling and pleasure to the other half, and let the two sides enter the climax of sex.

The balance between teasing and sex

In the wearing of sexy underwear and the teasing of passion, we must maintain the balance between sex and teasing.Do not allow teasing to be a means of simplicity and showing off their sexual abilities, but to enjoy happiness and joy together in the process of sex.

Master rhythm and breathing

Breathing and rhythm in sex are crucial.In the process of wearing erotic underwear reaching the climax, we must grasp the rhythm and breathing, and grasp the opportunity, especially when it is about to reach the climax, we must master the breathing, master yourself, and better enjoy the pleasure brought by sex.


It is a novel and exciting way wearing a erotic underwear.In terms of fitting, underwear style and matching, atmosphere creation, touch and use of tongue, they all have their own skills and precautions.Only when you feel breathing and rhythm in the process of sex, and better grasp the timing can you reach a higher level of sex.

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