Wear sex underwear for my father -in -law


As a sexy underwear expert, I often receive some "interesting" questions.Recently, a reader asked me: "I want to buy a set of sexy underwear for my father -in -law as a gift, and put it on letting him see, is it appropriate?" This question was a bit surprised, but had to admit it and made people curious.Below, let’s explore this issue.

The meaning of sexy underwear

Here, we must clarify one thing: sexy underwear is not used to seduce other men.They are designed for the romance between you and your other half, which also explains why they usually wear in private places.Therefore, if you plan to buy a sexy underwear to show your father -in -law, this is not appropriate.

Standard behavior of respect for public occasions

Even if you are very open, you must respect the rules of behavior in public.When others may feel embarrassed or unpleasant, you should stop doing such things or not to do such things.Therefore, it is not proper to display sexy underwear in public.

Respect the elders

Respecting your elders is the right behavior.If you don’t know the attitude of your elders and the impact of sexy underwear display, please do not make any rude moves.More importantly, do not treat the elders as the target of the private life of men and women.This is not a healthy family interaction.

Understand the father -in -law’s point of view

Before buying sexy underwear as a gift, you must first understand the perspective and attitude of the father -in -law.If the father -in -law has a sense of resentment or understanding of this behavior, this gift will become inappropriate.You should also respect their preferences and be alert to anything that might offend them.

Wife’s point of view

If your wife does not agree with your thoughts, then you may consider it again and again.Emotionally, wife’s words are more important than others.What’s more, wearing erotic underwear in public is violated moral ethics.

Choose the appropriate gift

Not everyone will like sexy underwear.If you decide to buy gifts, make sure it is suitable for receivers.Smart people will choose appropriate gifts, and will not cause trouble to themselves and others because of this thing.

in conclusion

It is inappropriate to show the father -in -law in sexy underwear.It can cause unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort, and may also have a negative impact.Instead, you must respect your elders and consider their feelings and opinions.If you want to give gifts, choose the appropriate gift, and follow the etiquette.


I hope my answer is helpful to readers.As an expert in sexy underwear, I believe that not only I will receive some interesting questions.If you encounter any problems or questions, please contact me at any time.

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