Wear sex underwear in the office style

Wear sex underwear in the office

Office is not a place where we usually consider wearing sexual erotic lingerie.But with the continuous improvement of the style and functions of sexy underwear, more and more women have begun to wear sexual erotic lingerie in the office format.This article will explore how to wear sexy underwear in the office, and why wearing sexy underwear in the office is also beneficial.

Basic style

When we wear sexy underwear in the office, the basic style is the most suitable.They are usually made of comfortable materials, like cotton and silk, and provide necessary support and maintenance.Basic styles are usually light or pink, and can be worn under white or pink shirts, allowing you to hide your secrets while wearing sexy underwear.


Lace underwear is a representative of sexy and charming.They are often used to make women feel confident, especially in dating or other romantic occasions.But wearing lace sexy underwear in the office is not suitable, because they will show too much skin and make your image unprofessional.Avoid transparent tulle and roaming lace.


Interesting underwear with coils provides loose hem and plump support.They are suitable for women with large breasts because they can bring better support.But when wearing this style of sexy underwear in the office, pay attention to the thickness of the material to avoid exposing obvious coils.

Shoulder strap

The shoulder -free sexy underwear is the choice of many women, because they can often modify the figure curve, making you look more sexy.But be careful in wearing this style of sexy underwear in the office, because they may show their skin when you accidentally make people feel unprofessional.

Low -collar style

Low -contests underwear is a well -known sexy style, but we must be careful in the office to avoid excessive exposure of skin.Try to choose the low -neck styles of the clavicle and chest, which means that you can wear a shirt with a open -neck to show your sexy.

Suitable color

Considering the occasion when wearing sexy underwear, we should choose a relatively low -key color, such as light gray, silver, light blue and beige and other tones.The dark and too bright colors will look unprofessional, or even pay too much attention to the personal image rather than the work itself.

Match suitable clothes

While choosing to wear sexy underwear, people also need to consider suitable for matching.Properly highlighting personalities, such as skirts, can cooperate with sexy underwear well, and also show women’s personal charm.


There are many benefits to wearing sexy underwear in the office.First of all, wearing a fitted underwear helps to improve self -confidence and enhance the charm of women.Secondly, the correct wearing erotic underwear is also conducive to physical health.Wearing unsuitable underwear will affect breasts and spine, while wearing appropriate sexy underwear can maintain your health.

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear in the office is indeed not the best choice, especially when you need to attend a formal meeting.However, if you can choose a comfortable and appropriate style, but to play with the style of personal charm, then this may be a good choice that makes you more confident in your work.

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