Wear sex underwear, love love

Wear sex underwear, love love

The vocabulary of sexy underwear will make many people think of temptation, fun, and evening. Some prejudices will even make connects to the sexy underwear and pornographic industry.But in fact, sexy underwear is benign, healthy, and does not stick to the bad industries.Of course, sexy underwear can also be benefited for couples.Today, let’s explore how to wear sexy underwear to make sex more interesting and relaxed.

1. Types of sexy underwear

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, which include suspenders, dresses, role -playing clothing, lace stockings, coquettish pants, etc.Everyone has their own taste, so there are many types of sexy underwear.No matter what style or style you want, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you.

2. Size of sex underwear

Although there are many styles of sexy underwear, it is very important to find the right size.If the erotic underwear is too tight, you may feel uncomfortable, and it will affect your performance during sex.If the sexy underwear is too loose, it may spread or not close, so you will lose the effect.It is best to measure your size before buying, and determine that the sexy underwear you bought is suitable for your body shape.

3. Line design

The design of the line is an important factor in the effect of sexy underwear.Some interesting lines can make people feel more desired.For example, the presence of V -type can increase a sense of temptation, and the effect in sexual behavior is also very good.

4. Material choice

The material of sexy underwear will affect the overall effect. For example, lace will make you more sexy, and cotton fabrics will look more comfortable.If you want to perform sexual behavior in sexy underwear to avoid using chemical fiber materials, this may cause itching or discomfort of the skin.

5. Matching accessories

The matching accessories of sexy underwear are also important considerations. For example, some more sexy high heels or stockings can be matched with sexy underwear.But be careful when matching, and choose the right accessories as much as possible, otherwise the effect of sexy underwear will be greatly reduced.

6. Interesting underwear control

The size of a sexy underwear can be controlled by tight or collapsed design.Tighter sexy underwear will make you feel tight and more sexy.When interacting with your partner, you can unlock some points to achieve more sexy results.

7. The color of sexy underwear

The color of sexy underwear is also a very important reference factor.Different information can be conveyed with different frequencies.Red or black sexy underwear can make you look more sexy, while white or light -colored sexy underwear can make you look fresher.

8. The effect of sexy underwear

Sex underwear has a significant positive impact on human sex.Interest underwear can arouse the higher sexual experience of the partners, and increase the joy and feeling of sex.Choosing a more atmospheric picture in the room will help two people to enjoy sex more relaxed.

Couples who are accustomed to wearing sexy underwear will be deeply appreciated. It can help you release emotion and passion more freely in bed, making your intimacy with your partner better.If you are looking for a new way to make sex more interesting and open to you and your partner, then wearing sexy underwear will be a good choice.

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