Wear sex underwear picture women’s version

1. The trend of fashion trend

The dress of modern women is becoming more and more open -minded and bolder.Driven by this trend, wearing erotic underwear gradually entered the women’s wardrobe and became the new favorite in the fashion circle.Women wearing erotic underwear out not only show their beauty and sexy, but also reflect their unique taste and fashion attitude.

2. Different fun underwear types

There are many forms of sexy underwear. Generally speaking, it can be divided into three categories: corset, bottom pants and jackets.The types of corset include vest corsets, bras, corsets, chest corsets, shoulder strap corsets, and so on.Below pants include: G-String, T-String, Flat Sub-pants, open crotch bottom pants, etc.The types of jackets include thong jumpsuits, camisole jackets, open -stall jackets, etc.

3. The color of the sexy lingerie outside

When choosing the color of wearing sexy underwear, different colors can reflect different styles.Red represents enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Black represents mystery and sexy, and white is full of innocence and freshness.In addition, you can also choose a more fashionable nude color system, or a metallic color system with stronger texture.

4. Piece of sexy underwear outside

Matching suitable coats is also a must -have technique for wearing erotic underwear to go out.For example, it can be paired with black leather jackets or silk coats, or you can choose a knitted jacket to match.If you choose a short jacket, you can choose to wear high -waisted denim or skirts for matching.

5. Wear sex underwear occasion

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your identity and career.For example, you can match at the party, bar or friends gatherings; but wearing sexy underwear on business conferences or formal occasions is not suitable.

6. Wearing sexy underwear and hobbies

Some women are keen on cosplay, and they will choose to wear proper sexy underwear to perform COSPLAY characters in the cosplay event.At the same time, for sports enthusiasts, wearing erotic underwear is also a better sports equipment with good breathability and high comfort.

7. Wearing sexy underwear skills

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your body.For example, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose a size and shape that suits you to avoid overflowing or uncomfortable wear.In addition, it is also important to match the appropriate underwear. For example, different underwear such as shorts, slings and thongs can be used to match different erotic underwear.

8. The correct maintenance method

After wearing a sexy underwear, it is necessary to perform correct maintenance according to different materials and styles.Under normal circumstances, high temperature water washing and direct sunlight need to be avoided.It also needs to pay attention to details, such as not pulling and friction, deliberately crushing with hard objects.

9. The price range of sexy underwear

The price of sexy underwear ranges from dozens to thousands. The differences in these prices mainly depend on factors such as brands, materials, styles and design. Generally speaking, different brands and different materials will determine the price of sexy underwear.

10. Conclusion

Whether you want to wear on a specific occasion, or for your own body and mind, fashionable lingerie is definitely a must -have for women.You can also create different sexy styles through different types.Pay attention to the skills, maintenance methods, and selection of appropriate brands, which can reflect their unique fashion attitude.

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