Wear sex underwear to the store to buy condoms

Wear sex underwear to the store to buy condoms

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, and more and more women like to try to wear sexy underwear to increase confidence and sexy.However, when you need to go to the store to buy a condom, some people will feel hesitant and do not know how to wear sexy underwear to buy condoms.This article will provide you with some useful suggestions.

Wear the right sexy underwear

First of all, we need to wear suitable sexy underwear.Sex underwear should match with condoms, beautiful and comfortable.For example, if your underwear is a shoulder -free strap, buying some self -adhesive condoms will be more convenient than traditional condoms and can better fit the skin.At the same time, you can choose some comfortable lace sexy underwear to make yourself feel more sexy and confident.

Choose the right store

Next, we need to choose the right store to buy condoms.Women can choose some sex stores, some large Western supermarkets or cosmetics stores (such as Nivea). The products of these shops are good and have a comprehensive equipment.In addition, buying condoms can also be completed by online shopping, which is convenient and secret.

Confidence to welcome the clerk

When you enter the store, you may worry about other people’s evaluation of your sexy underwear and buying condoms.Don’t worry, in fact, this is not a big problem.You can make yourself feel fully confident before entering the store, so that you will feel easier and comfortable.Guodian will not have any discomfort to your sexy underwear, they just provide you with the help of you.

Find a condom that can be carried with you

When buying condoms, you also need to pay attention to finding condoms that can be carried.For example, in candy stores or some small stores, sometimes they provide a bottle of capsule or a bag of candy -like packaging.In addition, you can find free condoms in public places such as lanterns.

do not be shy

Many people may feel shy when buying condoms.But don’t be shy, because this is just a very normal thing.No matter where you are, buying condoms is a very important thing.Facing calmly, women need to pay more attention to their own health and preventive measures than men, and they don’t need to feel embarrassed.

Buy condoms with accessories

If you want to be hidden when buying condoms, you can try to buy condoms with accessories.These accessories are small, but very useful.For example, some stores will include some lubricants or mini vibers in the condom packaging.These things are small and hidden, and they can not be perceived when they are carried.

Early research

Before going to the store to buy condoms, you can also study some product information in advance, so that you will be more confident.You can learn about the knowledge and performance of some condom brands, as well as the types of various condoms (such as feeling ultra -thin models, meat numbers, naked slaves, etc.), so that you can make your choice more clearly when you buy.

By the way, buy other products

When choosing a store, you may wish to buy some products related to contraception and sex, such as lubricants or sex toys.This can not only improve your sexual blessing index, but also make the process of buying condoms more natural and peaceful.

in conclusion

It is not bad to go to the store wearing a sexy underwear to buy a condom. This is just a very common thing in modern society.Women should learn to face their own needs and learn confidently to meet their needs.Therefore, when you need to buy a condom, please face it calmly and choose a shop that suits you to buy, because protecting yourself is part of life.

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